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With a whopping 350mg of caffeine per serve, Nutrex’s well dosed pre workout is not for beginners. Always the reliable pre workout, Mr Hyde has been around for awhile, but is still one of the best pre workouts available. Recently reformulated, Body War Pre War is still incredibly strong and is a mighty contender for the prize of strongest pre workout. Hitting the market by storm, EHPLabs OxyShred is one of the most comprehensive and best tasting fat burners around. MuscleTech Cell Tech is an extremely effective creatine supplement, which popularised the concept of combining creatine with carbs. Elemental Nutrition HGH uses as research backed formula to provide growth hormone support to those who need it.
Despite being around for a while, Gaspari SizeOn is still the best formulated and most up to date intra workout supplement around.
Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel 2.0 has reigned supreme in the natural test support category for years. Geared towards the low carb endurance athlete, Endura Rehydration Performance & Low Carb Fuel is the latest in the Endura Rehydration line up. Optimum Pro Gainer underwent a packaging redesign, but the winning formula remained unchanged.
Despite remaining unchanged for years Elemental Nutrition Shredding Matrix is still the best fat loss protein in 2015. Elemental Nutrition Peptide Protein is manufactured with the most advanced techniques to achieve a ridiculously high degree of hydrolysis. Optimum 100% Natural Whey Gold Standard is an all-natural protein powder made from a blend of whey proteins combined with a small handful of natural sweeteners and flavours.
Containing a blend of rice, pea, and five other vegetable protein sources BSc Naturals Organic Vegan Protein is a complete protein powder ideal for vegans. BSc Naturals Organic Vegan Protein is the winner of both Best Rice Protein and Best Natural Organic Protein for 2015. Musashi Recovery Whey contains a very respectable 72% protein, which is on the high end for a WPC, as well as added aminos. When you’ve had a long day at work with little to no motivation to train, that powerful hit from the stimulants in your pre workout are exactly what you need to get you into the gym or onto the field and demolishing that workout. Packed with more caffeine and stimulants than you can poke a stick at, Mr Hyde was specially designed for long lasting energy without the crash.

Pre War is transparently dosed with plenty of excellent ingredients such as beta alanine, betaine, agmatine, citrulline, bitter orange extract and picamilon along with the added caffeine. With the latest innovations and products, it was difficult picking a winner for every product category.
It is effective, well balanced, perfect for beginners and advanced trainers, and tastes great. It is packed full of pump and ergogenic ingredients to help you smash your workout without the energy buzz or crash. Providing some of the latest and greatest ingredients, without being overloaded with stimulants, OxyShred is suitable for beginners and advanced trainers alike. Containing BCAA in the highly anabolic peptide form, added agmatine for pump, but still at a reasonable price, Best BCAA offers quality and value.
Using a combination of carbs, protein, creatine, and a blend of hydration ingredients, SizeOn is designed to maximise workout performance and muscle gains. Designed specifically for elite endurance athletes, this product is really only for the hardcore. Many have tried, but all have failed in trying to topple ON Whey Gold from its throne as the best protein powder on the market.
Containing an advanced blend of quality proteins, Pro Gainer is the ultimate lean gainer ideal for those who are conscious about gaining too much fat. Using high quality WPI as its base, WPI HL is also jam packed full of the muscle building amino acid, leucine, in both peptide and free for. Today, it still reigns supreme as the best casein protein, thanks to its zero sugar formula.
Using a relatively simple list of mostly natural ingredients, Quest Bars are also gluten free and absolutely delicious. Containing a blend of whey proteins, casein, as well as fat burners and carb blockers, Burn is the ideal ladies protein shake for toning and trimming.
It also contains a mega-dose of muscle building BCAAs and still manages to be relatively economical. It contains a blend of ultra-fast and slow absorbing proteins, combined with fast and slow carbs, and topped off with added BCAAs.
BSc Organic Vegan protein is also boosted with a superfood blend which provides additional health benefits. Containing over 80% protein, this premium vegetarian protein is a perfect protein, ideal as an alternative to whey. This Australian brand, with over 25 years of experience, is still showing us how things are meant to be done.

With trainers looking for higher stim products, several companies have answered that call and have produced products that not only support endurance, pump and strength, but also offers plenty of energy.
The rest of the formulation is also well dosed with popular ingredients such as beta alanine and citrulline just to name a few.
Work out for an hour, two hours, three hours and still have plenty left in the tank for some extra cardio. Each serving of Body War Pre War contains at least 300mg of caffeine, and this is not counting the synephrine – the active stimulant and compound of bitter orange extract.
However, after much scrutiny, we have managed to compile a list of what we believe are the best supplements available in Australia for 2015.
Well-dosed with glycerol, citrulline, agmatine, and norvaline, you can expect to get your blood flowing with your first dose of Dr Jekyll. With its high quality ingredients and plethora of flavours, you cannot go wrong with Whey Gold. If you are looking for a lean night time protein, you can’t go past Gold Standard Casein. Instead, Shredding Matrix also contains the highest dose of fat loss ingredients to support shredding while maintaining muscle mass.
Vital Pea Protein is low in unwanted anti-nutrients, carbs, and fats, while still managing to provide 88% pure pea protein. Here is a quick guide to some of the strongest pre workouts available on the market in 2016. As one of the best pre workouts in 2016, Outlift is also one of the strongest and is the go-to product for trainers looking for a step up from their normal pre workout.
Mr Hyde is like the Energizer bunny of pre workouts and will definitely kick your workout intensity up a notch.
Containing insanely high amounts of tribulus and its active component, together with supporting ingredients, Massive Muscle Fuel is hard to pass by if you’re after a potent test booster. Combining three vegetarian protein sources, fruits, veges, and added vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to see why it is the number one choice for 2015.

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