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The proper functioning of the entire human body depends solely on a healthy brain and I wouldn’t be wrong if I tagged the brain as the most important body organ. Declination of the brain activities does increases with age but sometimes an undernourished brain can decrease the normal activities of the brain thereby affecting the bodily functions, but it is possible to enhance the working of the brain by taking vitamins along with your daily food or as supplements. A good amount of folic acid will help protect your brain cells and keeps you alert and active both physically as well as mentally.
All foods contain this vitamin but it is found in high concentration in yeast, kidney, liver, milk, meat, egg and nuts.
Studies conducted on individuals have shown that people with increased levels of B12 in their body have shown enhanced brain power and short term memory. Meat is the most important source of Vitamin B12 but in case you’re a vegetarian you can opt for capsule supplements.
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Folic acid is responsible for regulation and control of a chemical known as Homocysteine in the blood. These free radicals have the potential to destroy the brain cells and thus make it important to eliminate them from the body.
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that will help you fortify your brain cells and help stave off brain problems like dementia and memory loss.The most important source of vitamin C is citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, plumes, berries etc.
Researches have shown that Vitamin E not only protects the brain cells and helps in establishing a powerful memory but it can also delay progress of Alzheimer’s disease. It is found in fish, green leafy vegetables, nuts and sweet potatoes.
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Studies of the brain have shown that elevated levels of Homocysteine damages the brain cells. You can also make it a part of your daily food intake; it is found in green vegetables like spinach, in liver, beans and in fruits like banana and orange. Deficiency of this vitamin decreases the levels of the neurotransmitter which directly affects all brain as well as neural functions.

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