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Max Lean Protein is designed to provide a delicious, high-quality protein with vitamins and minerals in a thick hunger-satisfying shake.
Powermax 1000 is a professional strength mass gainer for individuals needing nutrient dense high protein and high calories to maximize lean muscle mass gains, for hard gainers or for those requiring extra calories to support a high metabolic rate.
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is proud to introduce Gourmet Gainer, a rich & ultra creamy high protein and high carbohydrate weight gain formula.
Ideally, you’d have some veggie-packed smoothie everyday, but after my 2012 green smoothie obsession, I recognize that that gets VERY old and blah.
I’ve featured several smoothie recipes on here, as well as protein shakes and a smoothie bowl. I always have a fruit smoothie after a weightlifting workout, and often after a long bike ride (70 miles or more). Hi I am wondering if I were to just have a smoothie for lunch instead of breakfast will I get the same results? I am trying this smoothie right now it has water,lemon, lime,blueberries, ginger, honey and kale Is there a way to make the kale blend up more so its is not so chunky?
I’ve personally found that putting the Kale and liquid in the blender first, and just blending that for a bit does wonders! I usually replace lunch 5 days a week with a smoothie consisting of kale, spinach, chard, cruciferous microgreens, 1 frozen banana, frozen blueberries, cherries, 1 tbsp almond butter, Fat free vanilla Greek yogurt, dash of pomegranate juice, super reds powder and almond milk. I loved the article and how you went into detail of whats needed, and how your opinion reflected that point. ACCU-FITNESSCOSTAS FOODSLABRADAPRIMAFORCEAI SPORTSCTD SPORTSLENNY & LARRY'SPRO SUPPSALL AMERICAN EFXCUTLER NUTRITIONLG SCIENCESPROLABALRICYTOGENIXMASS DROPSPROMAX NUTRITIONAMS - ADV.
Don’t let the milk shake taste fool you, this is a powerful daily protein supplement. To gain mass you need lots of concentrated calories to complement your demanding training program. Gourmet Gainer is calorically dense and designed for those individuals looking for a highly concentrated protein and calorie formula to support maximum lean muscle mass gains.

If you want to lose some weight by drinking smoothies as meals, you should incorporate the replacement on a regular basis. I never add sugar to my smoothies (or even juice), but once in awhile I’ll add honey or agave nectar.
One advantage of being a distance cyclist is that I don’t have to limit my smoothies to 400 or 500 calories. I am only 10 lbs more than my skinny high school weight and often have a smoothie in the morning. MUSCLE SCIENCECYTOSPORTMAN SPORTSPROMERA SPORTSANSIDESIGNER PROTEINMETABOLIC NUTRITIONPURUS LABSAPPLIED NUTRICEUTICALSDETOUR BARMET-RXQUEST NUTRITIONAPS NUTRITIONDRIVEN SPORTSMHPREDEFINE NUTRITIONARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERDYMATIZEMOLECULAR NUTRITIONRONNIE COLEMANASTEASMRIRSP NUTRITIONATHLETIC EDGE NUTRITIONFORMUTECH NUTRITIONMUSCLE PHARMSANATHLETIC XTREMEFINAFLEXMUSCLEMEDSSCIVATIONBEAST SPORTS NUTRITIONFITMISSMUSCLEOLOGYSPORT SUPPLEMENT GUIDEBEAUTYFITFIZOGENMUSCLETECHSUPREME PROTEINBETANCOURT NUTRITIONFORERUNNER LABSMUSCLEWERKSSYMBIOTROPINBEVERLY INTERNATIONALFOUNTAIN OF YOUTH - HGHMYOGENIXSYNTRAXBIONUTRITIONAL - BNRGGASPARI NUTRITIONNATURE'S BESTTHE STUFFBIOTESTGATNEON SPORTT-SHIRTSBPI SPORTSHEALTH FROM THE SUNNEW WHEY NUTRITIONTOP SECRET NUTRITIONBSNHGH COMPLETENUTRACEUTICSTWINLABBULK DROPSHI-TECH PHARMACEUTICALSNUTREXULTRA LABCELLUCORHUMAN EVOLUTIONNUTS 'N MOREUNIVERSAL NUTRITIONCHAMPION PERFORMANCEiFORCE NUTRITIONNVE PHARMACEUTICALSUSNCHEF JAYINFINITE LABSOH YEAH! Powermax 1000 is your solution to support total protein, amino acid and nitrogen requirements delivering high quality, multi-fractional whey proteins with Aminogen® in addition to full spectrum, multi-molecular weight carbohydrates and essential and healthy fats. We have formulated this product with the highest quality and purity of ingredients available in the marketplace so you can be assured of the safety and effectiveness of Gourmet Gainer. I was actually approached recently by someone wanting to replace meals with smoothies to help him lose weight. Depending on the time of day and what you have planned, the level of each may vary (aka, if you’re going to workout soon, you’d probably want a smoothie with more carbs for energy). After burning 4,000 or 5,000 calories on a bike ride I really don’t have to worry about a few extra calories in my smoothie!
As far as I can tell it is definitely possible to do this but there are a couple of nutrients and minerals that might be hard to come by in smoothie recipes, especially when following a vegetarian or vegan diet.
On average, with an average australian diet, it takes 2 hours of exercise just to burn through your carbohydrate stores. I vary the fruit but like blueberries, strawberries, mango, blackberries, apple, peaches, seedless grapes, to name a few. Powermax 1000 will not only satisfy your caloric and metabolic requirements, but also your taste demands. Gourmet Gainer is the complete muscle & weight gaining formula providing 456 calories, 35 grams of multi-fractional whey proteins and 72 grams of multi-molecular weight carbohydrates per serving (mixed in 12-16 oz water).

I’ve had smoothies instead of lunch or breakfast in the past, but not too often because they never seem to tide me over. According to a study done by the journal Flavour, people who drank thicker smoothies felt twice as full as those who had thinner ones. You could just do it once or twice a week, or maybe you could start drinking smoothies in the morning for a breakfast on-the-go. In regards to losing weight, the whole day’s worth of food really comes into play, though.
The main things that might be hard to get are vitamins A, D and B12, iron, zinc and calcium.
I use 0% Greek yogurt, some kind of liquid ( pomegranate juice , orange juice, coconut water, lemon or lime juice, and I use whatever greens I have ( kale, spinach being my fave.
Nevertheless, a lot of people claim smoothies can be a great aid in weight loss, so I wanted to explore that theory in today’s post. I understand that these are available from various plant based foods but have lower absorption rates when compared to dairy, meat, fish, poultry and eggs (which I assume won’t be going in your smoothies). No blender required-mixes instantly.Perfect-RX separates itself from the competition in both price value and in convenience since no blender is required for mixing.
I know for me breakfast is easiest since I’m at work all day, and I like dinner to be real food. Some use beets, carrots and other veggies but may need to steam them a little to blend better. I’m thinking about heading to a registered dietitian and seeing what they have to say.

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