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Take one and half cup of milk, one cup of low fat vanilla flavored yoghurt, half cup orange juice ,one cup of strawberries, one tbsp of honey and two scoops of whey protein powder.
Squeeze three oranges and take the fresh juice along with one tbsp protein powder and six drops of artificial liquid sweetener. One boiled egg and two egg whites from two boiled eggs is taken along with one cup coconut water, ? cup blueberries, one tbsp chia seeds and juice of one lemon.Blend the ingredients in the mixer and then consume. Take half cup avocado along with half cup cottage cheese, half cup milk, and ? cup of liquid egg whites.mix all these ingredients with two tbsp natural peanut butter, one tbsp baker’s soda, ? tbsp xanthan gum.
Take two tbsp of instant oats, two cups of skimmed milk, two cubes of tofu, two tbsp honey.5-6 almonds, one apple and two tbsp of soy protein.

Take two scoops of chocolate flavored protein which is rich in nutrients along with one tbsp granulated instant coffee, half cup chilled water and 5-6 pieces of ice cubes. Used often by people who work out, protein shakes are consumed in various combinations which contain a mixture of protein, carbohydrates and fats. It also increases the quantity of lean muscles and acts as an alternative for a healthy meal. Blend all these ingredients to make a healthy protein shake which is useful to increase the muscle mass.
Given below are the 8 healthy protein shakes which will help you in bodybuilding immensely.

This is a fat free protein shake and the chocolate flavored protein will provide the essential nutrients to the body along with the calorie rich proteins. Add peanut butter and ice cube and mix the ingredients well until a thick protein shake is prepared.

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