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If you are building your body without working on your shoulder, then you’re wasting your time. Arnold dumbbell press is one of the most effective shoulder building exercise that you can do with dumbbells. Grab two dumbbells with your hands, move them up to chest level with a slight bend in your elbows and palms of your hands facing to your side. It works on shoulders and targets other muscle groups like back muscle, quadriceps and triceps. If you have well-defined shoulders then you will receive a lot of attention from others as shoulders are most noticed parts of the body.

Now move the weights while you rotate the palms of each hand and come up till your arms get extended.
Even if you are wearing clothes, your appearance would still look broader and more manlier. Now slowly stand up with the weight, while keeping your back straight.Now bend your torso and knees such that hands holding weights are above from the ground.
Keep your back straight and take a wide grip on the barbell.Then lift the barbell off from the rack with your arms. Now begin to pull the weight up until it touches to your upper chest, wait a moment and then slowly bring back the weight to first place.

Now press down the weight until it comes down to level of shoulders and then slowly move it up by extending your arms. Once the barbell comes above the knees, straighten your knees and hips then lift it above further up.Then take the weight like done in squat, where you elbows are out.

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