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Amino acids play an important physiological role in all life-forms and can be recovered from bean dregs waste using sub-critical water hydrolysis.
ReferencesAlenezi R, Leeke GA, Santos RCD, Khan AR (2009) Hydrolysis kinetics of sunflower oil under subcritical water conditions.
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Last Post: 07-14-2007, 11:52 AM Legal Gears' Masterdrol V2 (m5aa), only take on workout days, pre-workout? Water is a major contributor to a protein's 3-D structure and the protein controls the structuring of its surrounding water. Protein hydration is very important for their three-dimensional structure, dynamic ensemble of conformations [2249] and activity [472, 1093, 1345, 2005]. The hydrogen bonds holding these water molecules to the protein are stronger with longer lifetimes than bulk water [1355] and this water is unavailable to colligative effects.
The line is the best straight line from the amino acid data but is expected to lie to the low density side of aqueous structuring. The graph opposite shows the molar volumes of the amino acids [1063] (using the one-letter code).
Water molecules form an integral part of most protein-protein [1339], protein-DNA [1340] and protein-ligand [1341] interactions, aiding the mutual recognition and both the binding thermodynamics and binding kinetics [1338]. Many kinase inhibitors (used as cancer drugs) have recognition mechanisms involving water molecules structured by surrounding protein [2277].
In some cases, structured and structuring water molecules have also been found to be very important for inhibitor recognition [2128]. Proteins may create an aqueous biphasic systems at their interfaces, which can be used to partition materials into, or out of, particular water pools.
Further, a network of hydrogen bonded water molecules plays a catalytic role in water oxidation in photosystem II [1941]. Local water structures and proton-conducting hydrogen-bonded water wires can form rapidly (~10 ns or so) in response to control by relatively small-scale rearrangements of the protein matrix [2101]. Several water molecules are hydrogen-bonded to the propionate-A–H+ from the heme-a3, and w941 and w946 (as shown above) act as a Zundel cation when protonated.

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But I Actually Like The Profile And Its Working Great For Me If it works I really don't care what it tastes like. In particular, the translational diffusion of the interfacial water molecules stimulates the large-amplitude protein motions required for biological activity [2435]. This hydration shell, by retaining some liquidity, protects the protein against irreversible denaturing effects, such as very low temperatures [2338]. Thus proteins have no activity (and enter a glassy state, at about 220 K) when the surrounding water becomes predominantly low-density [1197].
Leucine (L) has the largest molar volume relative to that expected from its relative molecular mass (molecular weight) and forms low density clathrate water structures if exposed to the solution.
The relative diameters of the binding cavity and the ligand determine the kinetics and thermodynamics of (hydrophobic) binding cavity-ligand systems, involving a sharp (cooperative) dewetting transition in formation and a continuous dewetting transition on ligand loss [2575]. Water's small size, polarity and conformational flexibility, together with the strength and directionality of the interactions, ensures good fits whilst retaining flexibility and ease of reversibility. Many membrane proteins, such as the translocons required for the cotranslational assembly of membrane proteins, contain large water-filled cavities (water pools).
This arrangement often leads to the localized water molecules being activated for reaction either directly or catalytically.
Cartoon showing water-assisted asparagine recognition and aspartate discrimination by asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase.
The neighboring histidine (H376, near the 'free' water pool) controls the protonation state of the propionic acid (A) aspartic acid (D372) pair, and hence through another histidine (H283) to the heme-a3 oxidation state [2322]. Kinetics was conducted in a temperature range of 200–240°C using a 300-ml stainless steel batch reactor. Still overhyped and there are better options out there, but they get the pro's to sign on and *** to push their stuff so they stay on top from the ill informed masses. It is followed by isoleucine (I), valine (V), phenylalanine (F), lysine (K) and arginine (R). The driving force for binding depends not only on the interaction of the biological molecules with each other but the energetic cost for the necessary removal of hydration water and the energetic gain for the subsequent molecular rearrangement of the hydration water molecules [1793, 1805, 2363]. Also, it may lead to small empty spaces (dehydrons) and basic reactivity of surface water [2164].
Since the reaction kinetics in sub-critical water is very complicated, a simplified kinetic model to describe the hydrolysis of bean dregs is proposed: a single consecutive reaction. Maybe that's unfair of me I agree, but I got some samples of ronnie's stuff and hopefully of jay's.

For example, each subunit in hexameric glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) comprises a nucleotide-binding domain (N-domain) and a core domain (C-domain) for hexamer formation [2583]. Aspartic acid (D) has the smallest molar volume relative to that expected from its molecular mass and forms higher density water structuring.
The use of water may also be useful in broadening the specificity of such links; for example, the peptide-binding protein OppA uses several flexibly adaptive water molecules to hydrogen bond and shield charges when binding to lysine-X-lysine tripeptides, where X is any one of the twenty common amino acids [1445]. The differential equations resulting from the model were fit to experimental data to obtain kinetic rate constants. Cooperative changes in the hydration structure within the cleft between the domains switches domain-closure on or off, with the hydrophobic closure necessary for substrate binding.
It is followed by asparagine (N), glutamic acid (E), serine (S), cysteine (C), glutamine (Q), histidine (H), threonine (T) and glycine (G).
By means of the Arrhenius plot, the activation energy as well as the pre-exponential factor was determined. Yea You'd Think That Wouldnt Ya But Sorry To Burst Ur Bubble But Im Not A Rep Nor Do I Work For Ronnie's Company .. Much life functions optimally at about 37 °C where a spanning hydration network is about to break down on heating, perhaps to help compensate for the biosystem's entropic changes [1541]. The hydration properties of alanine (A), proline (P), methionine (M), tyrosine (Y) and tryptophan (W) are slightly kosmotropic . The kinetic parameters provided useful information for understanding the hydrolysis reaction of bean dregs. The experimental results show that the best hydrolysis technology is: reaction temperature 200°C, reaction time 20 min.
Food Res Dev 29(2):97–100 (Chinese)Kang K, Quitain AT, Daimon H, Noda R, Goto N, Hu H, Fujie K (2001a) Optimization of amino acids production from waste fish entrails by hydrolysis in sub- and supercritical water.
Based on the results, this method could become an efficient method for bean dregs liquefaction, producing valuable amino acid. Food Res Dev 25(4):25–27 (In Chinese)Zhu X, Zhu C, Zhao L, Cheng H (2008a) Amino acids production from fish proteins hydrolysis in subcritical water. Chem Eng (China) 36(4):31–33Zhu G-Y, Zhu X, Wan X-L, Fan Q, Ma Y-H, Qian J, Liu X-L, Shen Y-J, Jiang J-H (2010) Hydrolysis technology and kinetics of poultry waste to produce amino acids in subcritical water.

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