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Even on those days that you don’t feel like hitting your workout routine hard, it’s still important to try to squeeze some kind of exercise in. Sometimes you just can’t do things at home OR you get mega bored with your gym workout. Jeff Cavaliere, MSPT, CSCS is a professional sports physical therapist and strength coach, and the creator of the ATHLEAN-X™ workout programs and Supplements.
The AthLEAN-X Training System™ and the AthLEAN Challenge™ are registered trademarks and not subject to unauthorized copy or use without express written consent. The materials and content contained in this website, products, emails, messages, or consulting are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
As I lay on the sidelines, I could see the dent in my shin bonea€¦I knew something was terribly wrong. Yet, instead of being rushed to the hospital, my coach had me sit on the sidelines for the next 65 minutes in agony until the soccer game from which I had just been removed was over.
Moments earlier, I came rushing out of my net to intercept a 50-50 balla€¦and was kicked right through the shin pad of my right lega€¦shattering my shin bone. Most importantly though, over the past two decades the incredible discovery that Ia€™m sharing with you here along with my passion to help others get fit and healthy, has allowed me to help more than 500,000 people get into amazing shape and feel better than ever. And above all else, you want to find a solution that actually produces noticeable results WITHOUT resorting to insane workouts that burn you out and hurt your body or crazy gimmicks that overhaul your life. And what Ia€™m about to share with you on this page will not only give you hope but it is GUARANTEED to help you lose fat, get toned abs, and shrink your waistlinea€¦especially when everything else youa€™ve tried in the past has failed.
After breaking my leg and then finally arriving at the hospital a€“ and waiting another 2 hours before being seen by the doctor a€“ my leg was eventually wrapped in a cast from hip to toes. And any glimmer of excitement that I had had for getting my cast off was instantly shot down by what I was now looking at. But I was quickly blindsided as she told me it would be best if we were a€?just friendsa€?.
To make matters worse, I then found out from a friend that she had left me for another guy who was more a€?her typea€?. And oddly enough this a€?other guya€? had something I deeply wanted (other than my now ex-girlfriend). Yet, I had to keep moving forward and get my leg back into shape so I could look and function normally again.
Up until this point, I had been active playing lots of soccer yet I had never set foot in a gym. Since I had no idea how to workout, Brian literally held my hand to walk me through everything I had to do to get my leg back to normal again.
I thought I could just sit on a machine and take my leg through the motions until exhaustion.
My trainer Brian told me, a€?Yuri, the reason your leg feels dead and your muscle has wasted away is because ita€™s muscles are not activating properly. He went on to tell me that if I simply did the rehab exercises he prescribed without knowing how to activate my muscles properly I would waste my time and possibly do even more damage to my leg. And with that, Brian went on to show me how to do each exercise properly a€“ by first activating my muscles appropriately a€“ and then executing the movement. In fact, my leg (and my entire body) was stronger and fitter than ever before thanks to this a€?Metabolic Compounding Effecta€? a€“ as he called it.
That September, when I returned to school after a summera€™s worth of rehab and training, I was feeling and looking great. He beamed with confidence and all the girls flocked to him like mosquitoes around a campfire. Even though I had always done lots of sit-ups in my soccer training, I never really saw any visible results. Could Briana€™s a€?Metabolic Compounding Effecta€? a€“ that worked like magic on my leg a€“ also work wonders on my abs?
Within just a few weeks, my core went from flat and mushy to toned, strong abs that could handle even a boxera€™s punch! I was able to escape without losing a flag and I ran the ball into the end zone for a touchdown. My a€?exa€? came up to me after the game to tell me there was something different about me. I was so inspired by his teachings that I later went on to become a personal trainer and leading strength & conditioning coach helping thousands of men and women and hundreds of elite athletes train smarter to look and feel incrediblea€¦especially when nothing else seemed to work. Specifically, I want to help you burn more belly fat and get abs you can feel proud of using the a€?metabolic compounding effecta€? that no one seems to even know about. This a€?effecta€? combined with my proprietary 3-phase ab training system is guaranteed to get you visible results without killing yourself in the gym and without ever doing a single back-breaking sit-up.
And did you know that if these muscles arena€™t working properly, it doesna€™t matter how many ab exercises you do because you will never get the waist shrinking results you really want. In fact, research from the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies shows that simply trying to strengthen your ab muscles using conventional ab exercises has ZERO effect on your abdominal development and that doing so can even worsen your posture and make your existing joint problems hurt more. The GOOD NEWS is that this research shows that if you retrain your core muscles to be the first to fire and you train them to work together like I teach you how to do in the Amazing Abs Solution workouts, then every movement you make whether in the gym or anywhere will be improved. Now the only way to fix this mistake is by using a€?metabolic compoundinga€?, which not only transformed my mushy leg into rock solid muscle but also turned my weak core into a trim, toned waistline. You may have noticed that many workout enthusiasts, fitness magazines, and personal trainers are starting to tell you to avoid things like crunches and sit-ups.
Instead, the common advice is to now use exercises like planks and other non-sit-up based movements. To get waist-shrinking results, you cana€™t just simply follow the latest ab workout from your favorite fitness magazine BECAUSE it doesna€™t instruct you how to properly activate your core muscles, and thus do each exercise properly. Very much like the a€?shoelace analogya€? that Brian had told me about for getting my leg muscles to fire properly. When you do this properly, you will reactivate your core and finally get the results you want! This is exactly how I was able to speed my lega€™s recovery (yes, this effect also works on any of the muscles in your body) and get rock solid abs while training far less than most avid gym-goers.
As Brian taught me, the Metabolic Compounding Effect is activated inside your body by performing very specific exercises a€“ in the right way a€“ that target often-neglected muscles that are so vital for burning more calories and facilitating important movements. This is important for losing fat because the more muscle you activate, the more calories you burn. Not to mention that correctly activating neglected muscles like your deep core muscles is step one to getting the most bang for your buck out of any ab (or full body) exercise you do. And thata€™s where having the right instruction, like I had from Brian, makes all the difference.
Step-By-Step Through Every Exercise And Each Workout So You Can Properly Activate Your Neglected Core Muscles And Get Visible Results a€“ Faster! Without the expert coaching I received from my trainer, it would have taken me TWICE as long to rehab my leg and who knows how long to get a stronger core on my own.
And with the Amazing Abs Solution, Ia€™m giving you the same expert guidance to get you incredible results a€“ and fast! When I personally worked with my clients, they were paying me a hefty $250 per hour to get them into a great shape. That means you can follow these a€?intelligenta€? workouts at the gym, at home, while you travel, or even in your backyard.
And what that really means is that you can now get fitter and sculpt beautiful abs a€“ quicker than ever before - without overhauling your life.
And because the workouts are quick and focused, you can use the Amazing Abs Solution on its own OR with other workouts to easily and quickly accelerate the results you are seeing in your abs.
Just plug it into the end of any workout or even on off days and in just a few minutes your core will be burning and the results will start pouring in. The Amazing Abs Solution gives you 12 weeks of follow-along core workouts structured in a proprietary 3-phase system that speeds your results and prevents plateaus. In this phase, we are going to retrain your deep core muscles and help them activate properly using a€?foundational fixera€? core exercises so you get the most out of every exercise for the rest of the program.
In the final phase we will be using more full body exercises and slightly higher intensity to burn away stubborn lower belly fat and get tighten your abs even further. And since Ia€™m on your headphones (and your screen) each step of the way to give you instruction and motivation, it's like Ia€™m standing there with you as I lead you through every movement and detail.
I specifically designed these recordings so you could follow along with them and get the full personal trainer experience, even with just the audio. When you have these recordings coming through your headphones while you're working out, it's like I'm standing next to you, supporting you, giving you feedback and encouraging you when you need it the most.

These trackers show you at a quick glance what exercises youa€™ll be doing in each workout, along with the number of reps, the times ,and their sequence. Ia€™ve taken all the guesswork out of this for you by showing you exactly which workout to do on each day of the 90-day program.
With everything above, this package should cost you $265 but youa€™re NOT going pay anything close to that today. The #1 reason you cana€™t lose belly fat and get a stronger core is because your abs are NOT firing properly and even if youa€™re doing the a€?righta€? exercises, youa€™re likely doing them incorrectly as a result.
Thus, simply doing more reps of the same old a€?dangerousa€? ab exercises is as effective as putting out a forest fire with a garden hose. The solution is to learn how to reactivate your core by following the very specific BUILD-SCULPT-BURN system and awakening your bodya€™s a€?metabolic compounding effecta€? with the proper coaching and instruction that only the Amazing Abs Solution provides so that you can burn fat on autopilot. Doing this will not only shrink your waistline and build toned or even 6-pack abs, but it can also help fix your low back pain, improve your posture, and make your daily life easier and more enjoyable. I am extremely confident that this system is the most comprehensive and effective ab training program youa€™ve ever come across. And dona€™t forget that I was also a pro athlete who endured every training regime you can imagine. But Ia€™ve decided to go even one step further because I want you to be so over the top thrilled about investing in the NEW Amazing Abs Solution program.
So for that reason, not only are you getting the BEST abdominal training system on the planet a€“ that can be done from anywhere in as little as 3 short 20-minute workouts per week a€“ but Ia€™m also throwing in these brand new bonuses to take your results to the next level. Ita€™s all about increasing something scientists call a€?excess post-exercises oxygen consumptiona€?, or EPOC. And here, Ia€™m giving you 3 quick a€?afterburna€? cardio workouts that skyrocket your bodya€™s ability to BURN FAT for hours after your workouts are over.
Plus, Ia€™m going to give you 3 a€?interval speed bursta€? workouts that take just 2-5 minutes. Together, these 6 a€?afterburna€? cardio workouts are valued at $79 a€“ but you get them for FREE when you order today!
And to make your life as easy as possible, Ia€™ll even show you exactly when to do these workouts within your Amazing Abs Solution training plan so you dona€™t have to worry about a thing. Listen, if even you're a complete beginner or even if you feel like you're past your prime, once the Metabolic Compounding effect starts kicking in, your core will transform into lean, mean muscle mass, and - like it or not - you will get stronger.
In order to make sure we're on the safe side, I'm also throwing in the follow-along video and audio of my famous Kettlebell Core workout, that way you have some "spice" when you need it later. Get ready to burn even more fat with this quick follow-along ab workout that you can add to your workout routine.
All you need is a stability ball and youa€™ll feel the burn in just a few minutes with my expertly queued coaching. Because these workouts are just 20 minutes long (on average) and super focused, you can use the Amazing Abs Solution on its own OR with other workouts to easily and quickly accelerate the results you are seeing in your abs. Just plug these workouts it into the end of any workout or even on off days and in just a few minutes your core will be burning and the results will start pouring in. You can think of this as an add-on-system of unique exercises that will shrink your waistline and build toned or even 6 pack abs! With a focus on deeper core muscles that are often neglected with most ab workouts, youa€™ll feel your stomach strengthen. Since some of your deep core muscles wrap around your waist like a belt, as you strengthen them they become more toned and end up tightening your waistline. As you develop greater core strength and move away from back-breaking sit-ups, your low back gets the support it needs to be strong and healthy.
As you do these workouts, ita€™s almost impossible for you not to SEE a visible difference in your abs.
If thata€™s your thinking, then not only is the Amazing Abs Solution program NOT right for youa€¦but neither is any other workout system on the planet. And like I said before, these workouts are just 20 minutes in length (on average) and only need to be done 3 times per week to see and feel noticeable results. By doing these exact workouts and following my precise step-by-step instruction youa€™ll be awakening your bodya€™s metabolic compounding effect which means that youa€™ll be burning fat all-day longa€¦even when youa€™re sitting on the couch. A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research followed two groups of men and women to see the impact of traditional ab exercises on losing belly fat. Or, you can train smarter and actually see and feel tangible results - QUICKLY - using my Amazing Abs Solution. Whata€™s morea€¦ the other reason my clients continue to experience jaw-dropping transformations is because the Amazing Abs Solution workouts are the only workouts that activate the Metabolic Compounding Effect, which helps awaken your a€?sleepya€? deep core muscles and other important muscles throughout your body to help you burn more calories from each movementa€¦and prime you metabolism to burn fat even when youa€™re not working out.
UNLESS you have a deep understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, or have years of exercise experience and know exactly how to activate your muscles in the right sequence, then you simply wona€™t get great results on your own.
I certainly wouldna€™t have gotten into such great shape without my trainer Briana€™s guidance. This program is different because of the bulletproof plan provided and the fact that there is not guess work!
Youa€™re still skeptical and dona€™t believe a word I say and want answers to your questions. I know you dona€™t want to waste your hard-earned money on empty promises and hypey claims. But let me remind you that you arena€™t being trained by some random trainer who took a weekend course and then just whipped together an ab routine. You are about to be benefit from the highest level coaching of a NYT bestselling author, world-renowned fat loss expert, former pro soccer player and former strength coach at the University of Toronto (for 7 years), and a real, caring person whoa€™s already helped more than 500,000 to incredible fitness and health.
Thata€™s why I want to make this a complete no-brainer (more so than I hopefully already have) by taking away any and all risk. Getting my leg stronger than it was before and transforming my core from soft to super toned gave me more confidence, saved me time, and gave me an unfair advantage that allowed me to pursue my dream of playing professional soccer. And because I want to put an end to your frustration and lack of resultsa€¦ and get you on the path to finally losing belly fat and getting amazing abs, Ia€™m going to give you $60 OFF the regular price of the Amazing Abs Solution a€“ but only when you order today.
That means that instead of paying the regular $99 for the Amazing Abs Solution you can get it right now a€“ along with your 3 extra bonuses (valued at $81) a€“ for just $39.
And $39 is a far cry from the $1,500 in-person training fees my clients would pay me to take them through a similar training program.
The reason Ia€™m giving you this incredible discount is because I truly want to help you and I dona€™t want to finances to be an issue. And Ia€™m also on a mission to help 10 million more people by 2018 transform their bodies and health. This means that you can try the Amazing Abs Solution today for an entire 60 days and if for some reason you dona€™t like the program or dona€™t see and feel a€?noticeable resultsa€?, then just email our friendly support staff and youa€™ll get a full refund.
Youa€™re a a€?smarter exercisera€? who wants THE most effective system for burning belly fat and sculpting a stronger, toned corea€¦ WITHOUT killing yourself in the gym, endless hours of cardio, or relying on back-breaking sit-ups.
It's a 12-week program (featuring 12 different workouts) strategically divided into 3 phases - BUILD, SCULPT, and BURN. The Amazing Abs Solution workouts are designed to produce great results by themselves but if you're more fit then you can also do them at the end of any of your other workouts. I instruct and motivate you each step of the way and it's even better than having me "look over your shoulder" as your trainer because you also get to follow my lead and see how to do each exercise properly. Not only do you get the videos of each workout but I'm also including the MP3 audio versions.
The Amazing Abs Solution workouts are specifically designed to strengthen your core, sculpt your abs, and burn more belly fat by harnessing the power of Metabolic Compounding a€“ something no other workouts on the market provide. And yes, if you have low back issues (assuming you're okay to exercise) you can enjoy the Amazing Abs Solution as well. By changing up your routine, phoning a friend or even going on a shopping spree, your gym workouts can go from boring to flooring in no time.
Here are some ideas to keep your gym workouts fresh and fun while working your muscles in new ways and getting better results for the time you’re spending at the gym! If you should at any time during the next 90 days, have any questions at all about the program, how to do any exercises, or just need an exercise substitution idea, simply write in and one of our Athlean-Xperts will get back to you with the answers you need to ensure the best results on the program! Coach Jeff Cavaliere (the owner of ATHLEAN-X™ and Sports Performance Factory LLC) and staff have conducted all steps possible to verify the testimonials and reviews that appear on this site. Ia€™m a NY Times bestselling author, world-renowned fat loss expert, former strength coach at the University of Toronto, and in spite of breaking my leg, I was able eventually go on to play pro soccer in my early twenties.
I sat there for the next 30 minutes feeling embarrassed, as strangers stared at my leg as if it were from another planet. Brian showed me how to turn my mushy stomach into rock solid abs in just 3 quick core-focused workouts per week.

The side effect for having a properly functioning core is a slimmer waistline and toned or even 6-pack abs. And thata€™s great because of the damage these old school ab exercises can have on your lower back. And now that I dona€™t work with clients anymore (because Ia€™ve shifted my focus online to serve more people), youa€™d think that my years of ab training wisdom would have been lost. Whether youa€™re a beginner or more advance, all you need is a stability ball, bench or chair, and youa€™re set! Getting more of these muscles to activate will also rev up your metabolism and help you burn more fat throughout the day and even while you sleep.
By this point, you will be so much fitter and ready for the introduction higher intense conditioning to shred off that last inch or two of body fat. Thata€™s why Ia€™ve put together a Quick Start Video which will show you exactly how to get started and make the most of the Amazing Abs Solution no matter your age or fitness level.
Plus, I'm also including a full set of pictures that conveniently show you the start and finish positions of every exercise in the program. With fewer muscles firing you increase your risk of low back injuries, muscle imbalances leading to postural problems, and ultimately burning less fat because of less muscular activity. And, if you neglect to properly activate your core and continue to follow the same old ab training advice, you can even make the problem worse and end up injured in the process. Ia€™ve worked with thousands of personal clients and have coached hundreds of elite athletes as the head strength coach at the University of Toronto over 7 years.
And that you can increase the amount of fat you burn post-workout by using the RIGHT type of a€?afterburna€? workouts? This is a measure of how much additional oxygen your body requires to burn through fat for 12-24 hours after you stop working out. So if youa€™re pressed for time, now youa€™ll have a quick solution that primes your body to burn fat for hours after youa€™re done training!
They're not for sale anywhere, but if they were listed on my website, I'd charge at least $27. I would recommend doing this workout after the first 4 weeks (Build) of the Amazing Abs Solution.
Youa€™ll have my voice coaching and pushing you each step of the way, even when the going gets tough, so that you get more burn than you would on your own.
Therea€™s a reason ita€™s called a€?Ab Annihilatora€? - ita€™s a seriously challenging core workout!
As a result, your posture will improve and your tight abs will impress those that wrap their arms around you. This occurs naturally without you having to suck in your stomach and is one of the reasons youa€™ll likely drop a pant size or two by following these workouts. Since most back pain is due to weak core muscles, and tight hip muscles (which are caused by old school ab exercises) youa€™ll notice a significant improvement in any back pain you might have so you can move freely again. I guarantee youa€™ll feel more inspired and motivated to workout as Ia€™ll be right there beside you so you never feel alone. Being honest and authentic are very important to me and thata€™s you need to know that doing thousands of sit-ups, crunches, side bends, and other old school ab exercises will do NOTHING for you (other than hurt your back)!
The first group did 7 different ab exercises - 2 sets of 10 reps for each one - five times per week, for six weeks solid. Not to mention that correctly activating your deep core muscles is step one to getting the most bang for your buck out of any ab (or full body) exercise you do.
Not only are you saving a bundle right now but you still get to have me train you right over your headphones (and video) each step of the way. Each 4-week phase has a specific focus to get you closer to the abs of your dreams and each of the 12 workouts progressively gets more challenging to meet your new and improved fitness level. And because I'm doing the workouts with you, the longest workout (37 minutes) is due to the fact that I needed to take more rest to keep up.
So, if like me, you'd rather just use an MP3 player or iPod shuffle that has no video screen, you'll still get my step-by-step coaching through the entire workout. Each Amazing Abs Solution exercise has been strategically placed into exactly the right part of your workout with the exact coaching to maximize the Metabolic Compounding effect and yield maximum benefit. Since each workout is based on what you can do, anyone can feel successful doing these workouts. In each workout, I show you ways of making the exercises more challenging (or easier) to suit your specific fitness level. If you have back problems I would first consult with your doctor but as I've said before, these workouts are back friendly.
One of the reasons for this is that I teach you how to properly activate your deep core muscles (which stabilize your spine) and we also do numerous exercises, which strengthen your glutes - in integral component to a healthy back. CLICKBANKA® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Here is a quick guide to easy cardio gym workouts that will build strength and cut fat in no time. That said, as with all fitness programs, the best results are not uncommonly correlated with the best efforts, discipline, diligence, and so on, and therefore the results depicted and featured cannot be construed as common, typical, expected, normal, or associated with the average user’s experience. His athletic build and rock solid abs gave him radiant confidence that helped him get whatever he wanted.
I turned and started running to the end zone but just as I did, my a€?exa€? was right there. The workouts in this phase will prepare your body for whata€™s to come and help you FEEL your abs tighten and firm up after just the first few workouts. This guide will show you EXACTLY what you have to do to reactivate your core and start your journey to amazing abs! I shot these workouts in my backyard, in my basement, by the lake, and even on a soccer field to prove that you can get amazing results anywhere - with close to no equipment and in just 20 minutes a workout!
Simply start on Day 1 and from there, Ia€™ll hold your hand each step of the way so you dona€™t have to worry about a thing. As with all your other core workouts, youa€™ll have my voice to guide and encourage you each step of the way a€“ even when your abs feel like they cana€™t keep going.
And with each workout those deep core muscles will learn how to re-activate so that you get so much more from each subsequent exercise and workout. Since these workouts are set up mostly in circuit training fashion (thus, little wasting time between exercises) and harness the power of metabolic compounding your body is forced to BURN FAT during and after the workouts as your newly activated muscles churn through calories from your fat stores. I am able to greet challenges with a positive attitude, and I possess a will to succeed that I never had before.
Plus, the program starts off with the beginner in mind as we focus on basic "foundation fixer" exercises to build a strong core foundation. And as we progress through the program, you'll even see me revert back to doing the easier variations of certain advanced exercises.
Results, as always, will vary from individual to individual for these reasons and you are responsible for understanding that atypical outcomes may not reflect your experience. More advanced abdominal exercises will also be introduced to target your midsection, making sure we are targeting any fat around the stomach and getting your abs to reveal themselves. Just imagine how great you feel when you finally slip into your favorite pair of pants with ease.
The Amazing Abs Solution gives you ultimate convenience to train anywhere you like with just 3 quick workouts per week.
I've designed the workouts to produce phenomenal results on their own, and in the shortest amount of time possible.
And I even show you how to download everything and get your workouts loaded on your iPod or other device.
Then, each week, as you get stronger and fitter, the workouts get progressively tougher to continually challenge your abs - making them even stronger and more chiseled. As such, 99% of the exercises in the program are doable by any age group and by those whom sit-ups would not be advised. ClickBanka€™s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.
And that means you can spend more time doing what you love to do a€“ after all, your body will be burning fat even when youa€™re not working out! They're also short enough so that you can add them to the end of any of your other full body workouts.

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