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Very good 3 mins a day is all you need as well as a proper diet got a bargain $60 2nd hand .
The edge of the bench sometimes put a lot of pressure under you kneecaps but otherwise easy and most definately effective. If you look on sites like eBay and Amazon, there are heaps of people selling the Ab King Pros second hand for $50 to $60. As a personal trainer i was always being asked about this product, so i purchased one and did a 30 day fitness program, long story short i would have gotten a better AB workout by standing up from a couch 5 times a day. If you have any sort of back issue, this product will make it worse, even if its the slightest back issue.
I would recommend buying a good old fashion decline bench if you insist on an AB excercise.
I bought my Ab King Pro from a friend who has had it for just over 12 months however she had never used it.
Product didn't last long enough to know if it works which is really disappointing as was keen to see if it works.

I only used the Ab King Pro twice and the second time I used it the two bars that connect to the rollers for the back rest broke away from the welding joints. Little bit of play where the main components are joined and locked together by spring-loaded retaining pins. When I first began using the Ab King Pro I found it a little difficult, but after a week I got used to it and found the workouts a lot easier. It doesn't feel like your just working your abs out, it feels like your working out your whole body. If you are consistent - 100 reps 3 times a week is enough - you will definitely get results.
So far seems to be delivering well on abdominal and chest strengthening (I really feel it the next day!). For maximum effect I will have to complement the exercise activity with a weight loss diet. I can really feel those abdominals working after 4 sets of 10 reps (at almost horizontal incline).
Burning calories, and increasing your BMR (metabolism: rate you burn calories) are the least of it.

When I first began using it, it was very hard and gave up using it but because I had given it enough effort of about 5 days prior to giving up, I saw results that I would see after running for a month. Also because of the curved brace bar (which you hold on to with your hands) I seem to be a getting a secondary workout on my pectorals and biceps as well. The AB king is great at doing these, but you'd still need to watch your diet to lose weight.
Not sure if this is an intended or unintended effect, perhaps because I am using my arms too much?
I forget the actual figures but, just to put it in perspective for you, you'd require about 20 - 30minutes on something like the AB King to burn the cals in one slice of pie (so better do other exercises too and only 5-10 mins on the pro). What it does over time is raise your metabolism and redistribute the weight to places you'd more prefer to have it. BTW muscle weighs more than fat, so when you add bulk it can seem you're actually gaining thru exercise.

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