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admin | Supplements To Gain Muscle | 23.09.2013
So I've been lifting for a few years now and have come across a few different supplements that I've enjoyed. I really liked NO X-plode (which was OK), Nano X-9 (which was OK), and am now currently taking naNO Vapor (Which I prefer, mainly because I hated taking the 6 - 8 pills I was taking then, despite that it still causes me some stomach distress I put up with it cause the results are good). All the reviews talk about people gaining weight but at the store where I purchased it they told me that Tren is diet sensitive so I wll continue to lose weight as long as I am dietng to lose weight.

I use syntha-6 as my protein, (which works for me when better than the Cell Mass products I was using before). I've stayed away from creatine because of the lower abdomen water retention that creatine can produce, but from what I read it shouldn't be too bad because it's more water soluable, not fat soluable. I know quite a bit about supplements and the whole process and but I'd like a second opinion as to the best way to stack my amino acids (Amino Vital Pro), my NO (naNo Vapor), my protein (Syntha-6) and this new creatine (189).

I have my own method but I was hoping that somebody else may have another optimal suggestion.

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