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In order to understand your ab muscles better, you have to understand your hip flexor muscles.
You have to intentionally round your low back to really work your abs when doing leg raises.
The reason why the knees are bent 90 degree when doing a sit up or a crunch is to inhibit your rectus femoris muscle (also aids in hip flexion) based on the principle of Active Insufficiency.
The second method (also known as the Janda situp) is based on the principle of Reciprocal Inhibition. And include exercises which recruit your glutes more like deadlift, stifff legged or romanian deadlift. I am guessing you might have a lordotic posture which is usually caused by tight hip flexors and weak abs. I will check out the pain thread as my SI and lower back is getting worse, making it hard to workout (and I’m a personal trainer and grp exercises coach - ouch). And even if you fix posture, there is no guarantee that they are goona change their swing which they have been doing it for so many years. Movement re-educatiomn might be helpful and that’s where Gray Cook and Gary Gray are talking about.

And you have to understand that these concepts are not as black and white as most of these fitness guru’s try to make. Exercise Biology stands far part from other fitness sites by taking an evidence-based approach to common man's health, fitness, nutrition & building muscle.
The hip flexors attaches to your spine, pelvis, and your inner thigh bone (collectively called Illiapsoas).
The hip flexors is activated once your torso go past 30 degree of flexion as shown in the left picture. If you are not conscious of rounding you low back, leg raises is a great exercise for your hip flexors. Unfortunately, this is another great example of how to engage your hip flexors in your ab exercise. By pulling on your heels (as shown in the pic), you are contracting your glutes and hamstring, which relaxes you hip flexors and thus isolates your abs better. This helps to isolate your abs as both the abs and adductors have a common insertion point. I’m a guest writer for a local newspaper every other month concerning a fitness topic.

From the attachments of the muscles (shown in the picture), you can easily see that flexing the Illiapsaos will bend your torso or raise your legs. The picture on the right shows the proper form for a crunch (see the rounding of the low back).
You will often see low backs coming off the pad because of the pull of the hip flexors on the spine. Anchoring your feet or having someone stand on your feet are just different ways to use your hip flexors in your ab exercises.
By keeping your legs wide apart, you have already contracted your hip flexors (llliopsoas)and hence they are unable to aid in hip flexion anymore. Just so that you know, she didn’t even have one single reference to back what she said in her book.

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