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Testosterone pills are oral medications used to supplement the amount of testosterone produced in the body. Because chemically unbound testosterone supplements would be rendered harmless as they passed through the liver, testosterone pills are modified to allow the components to safely pass through the liver and be absorbed properly. While pills of both kinds can be effective in helping to treat low testosterone levels, there are benefits and drawbacks to their usage.
As with any type of hormone replacement therapy, it is important that testosterone only be taken under the direction of a qualified healthcare professional. Also, I'd like to state that aggression and mood swings are not as pronounced as most people think but they are still very noticeable. Some forms are taken with water and swallowed in the same fashion as many other types of medication. He does err in saying that testosterone is scheduled because of side effects, however I see you where you state that enanthate should be taken twice a week.
Testosterone Enanthate is injected twice a week and is a steroid hormone with anabolic effects. Jaundice and change in liver function would be of no concern here because this steroid is injectable and bypasses the liver by entering body through the muscle where it is injected, Change in cholesterol values is a concern because of testosterone's ability to lower HDL(good cholesterol) and increase LDL (bad cholesterol), libido would also not be affected because testosterone enanthate increases libido even if your body's natural testosterone production is shutdown (which it will be) from using testosterone enanthate. Please Googie98 before you go spouting off what you think is true, and limited info, do some research next time.

The problem I have with this is you will not find a legit doctor who will recommend taking eneathate twice a week -- more like once every 15 days.
Anabolic steroids increase protein synthesis, increase nitrogen retention and increase glycogen retention in the muscles.
Like you said they also strengthen bones, and improve recovery because of all of the above traits I've listed.
This is also the reason most body builders will use testosterone enanthate as the base of any steroid cycle.
Testosterone is also susceptible to conversion into estrogen via the aromatase enzyme, and this causes water retention or gynochemastia. My point is that the recommended dose from the medical community is going to be one every 12-15 days at best! It can also cause virilizing effects because it is converted into a much more potent androgen, dihydrotestosterone, via the 5 alpha reductase enzyme.

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