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Gilpin took a look at a prototype for this bench, and his suggestions improved its comfort and weather resistance. We’ve arranged to have the work of four readers critiqued by furniture designer and maker Hank Gilpin.
For the other two readers, we'll have professional photos taken of your piece and Hank will critique those. I am a well known architect, in my licensed state at least, for my design skill in my area of expertise.

My work has gotten better over the years because I have been able to thrash it out one to one and three to five with incredibly talented designers in my area of interest. Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere.
Unfortunately, that means we spend little time tackling the second challenge: mastering the art of designing furniture. But, more importantly, his design abilities have been demonstrated across a broad range of fields, from furniture making, to landscape design, to the design of tunnels and interiors.

So the guidance you’ll receive will concern both design and construction, and will help you become a more confident and successful furniture maker. I learned a great deal that day, and I’m already putting what I learned to good use as I design a jewelry cabinet for my wife, at least what I learned about developing the details and motifs of a design.

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