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Britain's most respected woodworking magazine, Woodworker, records and reports developments in tools, techniques and design and, brought together as the Annual, offers an unrivalled source of information and instruction. From the cover: “The making of wooden toys is a most enjoyable pastime which requires neither considerable woodworking skill nor experience, and need not cost a great deal of money. From the cover: “If you enyoy basic DIY and would like to add features to your garden without spending a fortune, this is the book for you.

Including over thirty fully illustrated, step-by-step projects, the book starts with easy-to-make items, such as a breadboard, sawhorse, toolbox and picture frame, and progresses to larger, more ambitious projects, such as a coffee table, chest of drawers and a writing desk. Two young men who tell their collecting story in the book introduced the words ‘street jewellery’ to the Oxford English Dictionary because that was what they called the enamel signs, manhole covers and street direction boards which they began to collect only a few years ago. In this book you learn how to build up your collection and also how to add an unexpected pleasure to your life for collecting can not only be a cure for boredom and the blues but it carries with it the very real possibility of turning a modest outlay of money into a considerable nest egg.

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