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If your router has a round base, you can either make a new baseplate with a straight edge, or you can make a mark on the router base to ensure the same point is held against the straightedge of the jig. With the base of the router riding on the surface of the work, setting the depth of cut is a simple matter.
This simple jig and a router will make dados that are square, straight, a predictable width and depth and, most important, exactly where you want them to be. The advantage of the straight edge is that it keeps the router in the same location on the work.

On the surface it would seem that setting up an accurate stationary machine, such as a table saw or router table, would be the best way to go. Its thickness and width allow you to clamp it to your work without interfering with the handles of your router. The second piece registers the jig at a right angle (or any other angle if you’re so inclined) and locates the exact position of the router bit. Clamp the jig to a piece of scrap and make a cut, keeping the base of the router firmly against the fence, cutting a notch in the other part of the jig.

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