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Having previously built the base of the wooden worm bin, as can now be seen in the pictures (click to enlarge), I have constructed the top section.
Before proceeding to your wood worm bin construction, consider these first: bin size preference, materials to use, and a good ventilation and drainage system.
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Of course, more sections could be added to this stack as needed, and thus one can incorporate any logical system that they wish according to their imagination and goals.  So far my worms are loving their new wooden home and multiplying rapidly. But by choosing to build your own, you not only experience the craft of making it, you also get to assemble a worm bin that will set you apart from all the commercially made containers in the market. Wood is a good material, as it provides better aeration and insulation, as compared to plastic-made containers.

You can modify the worm bin size as you base it on the quantity of organic materials that you aim to compost. For your wood worm bin construction, elevate your bin by giving it legs or placing it on top of bricks. The part that I have left out is the construction of a simple wooden top (used to cover both the bottom section and later on the top section).  However, I will leave this part to you, and I just use a section of exterior plywood. There are plenty of facts about vermicomposting that you may look up online, to further understand the real need for worm containers. Homemade worm bins should be no deeper than 8 to 12 inches, as it enables the composting worms to function properly. And starting your own wood worm bin construction at home can be also done at your own convenience.

Your plywood should also be in exterior grade and should be non-treated (as chemicals may eventually cause a leak inside the bin).
To enhance cocoon production after worms are fully established, beds should be allowed to dry until the top 2 inches are barely moist.

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