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Wooden toys, like so many others, have many educational benefits that often go unnoticed when there is so much playing to do and fun to be had. For babies, it's all about developing elementary senses like touch, feel and sight and wooden toys such as rattles, mobiles, and shape sorters are perfect first toys.
First wooden puzzles like the Janod Magnetic Rocket Puzzle provide children with a fun challenge which encourages the development of problem solving, concentration and planning skills while also promoting hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. As children get older, art and creativity toys help children build on the elementary skills learned as babies.

Growing children are full of energy and toys such as hobby horses and balance bikes provide plenty of opportunities for exercise and physical development.
Shape sorting toys, such as the Red Bus Sorter, encourage children to grip, learn about shape, colour and perspective.
Musical toys such as the Melissa and Doug Learn to Play Piano offer another outlet for expression and learning. Parents, on the other hand, may appreciate the following suggestions for wooden toys that promote mental and physical development.

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