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While a wood shed floor would have the obvious advantage of being more stylish and appealing to the eyes, concrete shed floor provides you with durability and a long lifespan. While in homes, hardwood floors might be more attractive, personally I would recommend concrete floors for sheds. One particularly delightful way to protect your wood shed floor and make it durable while simultaneously increasing its appeal is to paint it. Wood Shed Floor – Flooring for a shed should be among the foremost priorities when you set aside a budget for your shed. Although, the uneven surface of concrete is a disadvantage in the house, shed floors should not be too smooth otherwise risks of accidents increase.
Even if you have a wood floor in a shed intended only for storage of machinery, there is bound to be entry of water. It is quite important to paint your wood panels on both sides, the one facing the ground or foundation as well as the one you are going to walk upon.

The awning is also designed with maximum weather-resistance, featuring ultraviolet ray protection, water proof polyester, and colour fast application. Whether you choose a Wood Shed Floor or a Concrete Shed Floor depends on several factors, including your monetary constraints and intended use of your shed. Cost-wise, most concrete floors would be cheaper than wood floors, but it depends on several factors, including the type of wood you choose etc. However, the concrete shed floor thickness should be decided after considering soil conditions and local weather as well. Thickness of the wood shed floor depends again on the use, size and weight of machinery, etc.
Appearance wise, stained concrete floors can be very attractive with virtually unlimited colouring patterns and finishing options.
Solid firm soils need thinner concrete floors while less stable sandy conditions would demand a thicker concrete slab.

For your best wood for shed floor, go through SFGATE – Home Guides section and this Popular Mechanics page.
Go through the options of latex paint or other coatings and choose whichever shall be best for your shed and also falls within your budget.
For very heavy machinery, not only the concrete floor thickness increase, but also the flooring is reinforced with steel wire meshes.
In order to give you a head start, see the Do It Yourself site and Secrets of Shed Building.

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