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Orbit Wood & Shavings are committed to delivering the highest quality wood shavings to all areas of the industry. If you want to request a video comment down below!Challenger wood shavings baler 20kg mass measured wood shavings baler, 120 bales per hour.
Wood Shavings, Crumble, Animal Bedding”, To better accommodate your particular needs, we have 2 grades of wood shavings. This video shows our wood shavings coming out.Rethceif Wood Shavings Bagger Startup Shavings bagger startup.

We have a variety of products which include kiln dried shavings that have a lower moisture content thus giving you. Bulk wood shavings are sold in semi load or straight truck load quantities and are available for delivery or pickup. From cows to horses, chickens, sheep, ducks and every animal in between, our different wood shaving products are adapted to the needs of your farm A constant supply of wood shavings and horse bedding year round. Find info and videos including: How to Make Wood Shavings, Making Wood Shavings, Uses for Wood Shavings and much more.

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