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As energy prices continue to rise, there is a renewed interest where ever it is readily available, in burning wood.
On the down-side, central boilers are quite expensive to install, and burning wood all season long - not just for weekend moods, can be a huge undertaking. The Shaver Outdoor Wood Furnace provides hot water to work in conjunction with your existing forced air, boiler or radiant system as well as providing domestic hot water plus heating spas, hot tubs and pools.
FaVer Wood Products is a family owned manufacturing company specializing in wood interior molding corner blocks and other custom wood molding accessories. The problems associated with burning wood in today's modern house include: tighter house construction, dirt, smoke and bugs.

Many communities have enacted ordinances against outside burning, which may include outside boilers.
Instead of moving the wood and corresponding mess and bugs indoors, the wood burning furnace is outdoors - next to the wood.
This issue is currently being contested in a Michigan community near where I live that recently banned all new installations of outdoor wood boilers; if wood burning is a problem in Michigan, then it could be a problem anywhere!
If there is enough demand for a particular species of wood, we would add it also to our standard catalogue. As we developed these beautiful wood trim molding accessories we realized that this was something that could serve a much larger market.

The customer response to our wood baseboard corner blocks, wooden decorative rosettes (casing blocks), and wood plinth blocks has been very positive.

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