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At first I missed the hand wheel and the quick access to a sanding (or tool tip touch up) disc some of the other models have mounted on the far side of the headstock, but then realized that once I moved up from the sewing machine types to the big boys, I had to give some of those up..
Keep in mind the initial low cost of this lathe will allow you to buy some of the more expensive toys to go along with it!!!Cons: If you break a belt, order (because the stores don't carry them) both a new one AND a set of the variable speed pullys. Blowing it out regularly with a leaf blower helps, but I solved the problem by attaching a short section of air conditioning vent- it extended the intake towards the tail stock to get it out of the dust zone.The adjustment handles on the locking setscrews for the tool rest are dismal.

It took a little tweaking to get the points of both head and tail stock to match up perfectly, but that is to be expected.
I recommend this lathe for the average Joe (or Jane) and have taught many people how to turn wood on it.

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