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Gas-powered chainsaws are by far the best, but very unique carvings have been made with electric chainsaws, too. There are special chainsaw bars, with pointed tips, sold with the chainsaw carver in mind, but they are not required to make good carvings. And if your neighbors live close by, be sure you can take up chainsaw carving without causing a war! Women have been known to begin carving with electric chainsaws because they are considerably lighter in weight. In spite of all this, I have seen some very nice carvings done by a woman with an electric chainsaw.

Ask a child to describe a certain bear carving and you'll hear words such as "mean" or "friendly".
You need a saw you can handle easily so you can concentrate on the progress of the carving and not on the saw itself. Dremel's grinding stone bits can be shaped on a bench grinder to give you the bit you need to make the eyes the right size. Starting with logs that are 7 inches across and 16 inches long, she can begin her career in chainsaw carving. But electric chainsaws do NOT have much power and are not designed to cut through thick wood.

In my neck of the woods carvings are made out of ponderosa pine, catalpa wood, douglas fir, pinion pine and cedar.

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