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Special requirements:  Wainscot and Accent wall material that meets architectural design criteria of restaurant  and can be mixed to compliment other reclaimed building materials.
Modern skyscrapers are typically made from concrete and steel, but as architect Michael Charters suggests, wood could be a viable construction material for tall buildings that would have a lower environmental impact. The construction industry accounts for about 39 percent of all man-made carbon emissions—a figure that would be greatly reduced if more buildings, big and small, were made from timber. Didn't they build with wood before the Great Chicago fire and then built with masonry afterwards. Wood on the contrary, burns on the exterior and this carbonized skin protects the core against the fire, so it is preferable to steel, as gives time for the people to evacuate before the collapse.

Established in 1912, Kuiken Brothers has grown to be the leading supplier of quality residential and commercial building materials with a focus on serving the needs of professional contractors and homeowners in the region. Thermory Wood is a solid, hardwood decking board produced from Northern American White Ash, which has twice the strength of cedar, is harder than red oak and half the weight of Ipe. As we learned in high school science class, trees have the ability to capture and sequester carbon, and they continue to store carbon when used as a building material. Recent studies have demonstrated that it is possible to build 20- to 30-story structures from timber, writes Charters, and hybrid systems would enable builders to build even taller buildings. Also, where is the wood coming from, transporting the materials can be as big an environmental problem as creating them. The main difference between a wood structure and a metal structure in case of a fire, wood columns last longer to collapse.

Each board undergoes a Thermal Modification Process that rearranges the wood’s cell structure to reduce movement related to moisture and removes wood sugars for increased durability against rot and insects. With unsurpassed stability, performance and rot resistance, combined with its captivating beauty and elegance, Thermory truly sets the benchmark for both thermally-modified woods and hardwoods alike. The sprawling mixed-use complex would serve as a sustainable alternative to standard building materials, which are expensive and require a great deal of energy to produce.

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