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I've hauled rocks, plants, top soil, mulch, compost, pavers, garden refuse and more in my red wheelbarrow. A few times I've gotten sideways on a slope and dumped the whole load, but for the most part, my wheelbarrow and I have worked well together and have gotten a lot done. Every time I see an old wheelbarrow that someone has converted to a planter, I think that I should get an old wheelbarrow and do the same.
Sometimes, I've look at my old wheelbarrow, my 25 year old wheelbarrow, and wonder if it has become that old wheelbarrow that I should use as a planter now.

I've got an old wheelbarrow out front that was given to me by neighbors to use as a planter.
I still use my old wheelbarrow occasionally, I guess it depends on what I need it for since it has some rusted-out holes in the bottom!My trustiest garden implement is my kneeler since I can't garden without it.
I could fill it with top soil, plant it with little plants, decorate it with my growing collection of fairy sized garden ornaments and make quite a nice fairy garden. For that, I'll need to find another old wheelbarrow, one that I'm not quite as attached to.

I also have a favorite trowel, and even a favorite hoe, not to mention a lovely, barely broken in 25 year old red wheelbarrow that I can't imagine gardening without.

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