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While choosing a finish can be difficult, Go Green Floors can help you choose the right finish for your project. When choosing a finish for your floors, you may want to consider the toxicity and VOC content of the finish. Choosing greener flooring products for your home, not only helps your enviroment but also everyone else’s. To maintain the condition of your floors, we recommend that you install floor protection on all furniture to be placed on your new floor. We recommend the use of water-based finishes for most hardwood floor finishing and refinishing jobs, as water-based finishes dry faster and are more durable than oil-based finishes.
If you want to impart a hue beyond the wood’s natural color, we have wood stain color swatches to help you choose.

When water-based finishes are used, the surface can usually be walked on (lightly) in 1-2 hours.
We can also custom mix floor stain colors and we specialize in matching existing wood floors! We are happy to provide these floor protection products and install them for you at an additional cost. Furniture (with floor protection pads and NO sliding) can be moved back in within 12-24 hours. We generally only use oil-based floor finishes when we are matching an existing wood floor that is coated in an oil-based finish or when the customer requests it because they want to achieve that “antique” look and the “ambering” caused by a thick coat of oil-based finish. When staining a floor, you have to take into account the color of the wood that is being stained as that color will shine through the stain and, by mixing with the stain color, create a new color all it's own.

We can work with you before refinishing to help you choose a standard stain color or work with you on-site to show you samples right on the raw wood. Once we find the floor color that you like, we lightly sand off the other color samples (they sand off easily) and apply your color selection. Water-based finishes are not drastically affected by humidity and dry more consistently no matter what the temperature or humidity level.

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