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The scraping plane is generally thought of as a finishing tool, analogous to a smoothing plane, suited for difficult, figured, dense woods that are prone to dreaded tearout. This has been a very effective way to reliably remove shallow tearout with the scraping plane in the worst of woods. In the next post, I will describe an unconventional preparation for a second Hock blade in the arsenal which further expands the usefulness of this plane. I know of only one manufactured tool that meets all these criteria: the Veritas large scraping plane. However, there are times when I use the scraping plane one step prior to finishing the surface.

I use it when the jack plane procedure would be too much, but going to a clean, conventionally sharpened scraping plane blade would take too many fastidious passes. Hopefully, I will be able to upgrade the rear handle soon, though for some reason the Veritas tote doesn’t bother me as much on the scraping plane as it does on their bevel-up bench planes.
All of this is a matter of personal preference, and there are many other high quality scraping planes available, most notably from Lie-Nielsen, that you may like better. It can bend in the Veritas plane just enough to take a slight bow and is thick enough to eliminate chatter. Furthermore, it is more difficult to initially set a cambered-edged blade into the plane with a centered, symmetrical projection because it can rock against the bench surface.

The very shallow ridges that remain on the wood are quickly dispensed with by a conventionally prepared blade in the scraping plane.

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