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The new Precision Pro lathe has been specially designed for pen and small project turning and is capable of turning items on a commercial scale.
The lathe is supplied with a collet spanner, pen mandrel, 80 and 150mm tool rests and a centre knock-out bar. Unless otherwise stated, all content is © Copyright 2011 GMC Publications LTD or licensed for use by GMC Publications. After all, when woodworkers buy or build their first workbench, they are in the early stages of learning the craft. It can be quite difficult to decide on just what power tools to purchase when you are standing in front of the impressive displays at Home Depot.

This is an extremely accurate method of work or tool holding, the clamping being concentric every time. With some careful consideration and a few tips from an experienced woodworker, you can make your tool investment wisely.
The second is to check the budget to help decide on the quality and extent of tool buying that can be done.
Axminster has designed and included a unique pen mandrel for this lathe which creates grip onto the pen blank without exerting compression force onto the mandrel spindle, allowing it to run freely.
So they pick a form that looks good to them -- occasionally mixing and matching bits and pieces from different forms -- and get busy.

While this article will focus on that aspect, if a small engine repair or metal machine shop is the goal, the tools will vary quite dramatically.

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