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I promptly left my wife to look for ceiling fans alone and proceeded to check out this really cool tool box with this guy I never met before. I think this box is brilliant, I understand there is some down sides but there is nothing without down sides, so if you were gonna buy a big box of this size or just starting out in the trade, this may not be a bad purchase.
For the weekend garage junkie, this box has all the goodies that will keep your buddies drooling! While looking up at the ceiling fans, I walked around the end of the aisle in-between a guy and this tool box. In case anyone at Waterloo is reading this and may be planning to produce a box similar to this, I have one suggestion. I would recommend designing the refrigerator so that it can be locked easily with the rest of the drawers.

They are just built right, from the double ball bearing drawer slides to the thick gauge steel as well as the double wall design to keep the box rigid. A month ago we saw this toolbox at Lowes and he loved the the refrigerator as well as the ability to listen to music.
No matter if you are talking about tools or electronics, if it is cool it will get much word of mouth advertising. First off, the reason that these toolboxes are so expensive is not only the brand but, you are also buying an investment that will deliver day in, day out. Yeah, I’ve seen the little Craftsman mini refrigerator disguised as a tool box at Sears, but that is nothing compared to this tool box.

Again, for the weekend wrench slinger, a box like the one mentioned on this page should be fun and functional. The more I keep reading regarding this toolbox the more I hear people say it is cool and others say quality is poor. Sure, tools help to complete jobs easier and faster, but a box is just to help keep the guy’s you work with in the shop honest.

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