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The deck plans of the ship were only handed out to the 324 first class passengers when they arrived on the ship in Southampton on April 10, 1912.
Curios fact for RMS Titanic ship is that the one, that belonged to the wealthiest couple on the board, Ida and Isidore Straus drowned side by side after Mrs Straus refused a place on a lifeboat to remain with her husband was set to sell at auction ?50,000. The main part of RMS Titanic ventilators were located there, but the Boat Deck was not obstructed with the typical unsightly forest of ventilation heads prominent on so many other ships of the period. On the both sides of the RMS Titanic Boat Deck were 30ft main lifeboats and 25ft emergency cutters, a gap was only made for the First Class passengers – to avoid spoiling the view. Located directly below the Boat Deck, this was the place with the most extravagant features on the ship – First-Class Staircase Entrances, Smoking Room (for women), Reading and Writing Room, the Veranda and Palm Court, also the Lounge.
The A Deck contained only First Class cabins with odd numbers on the starboard side of the Titanic ship (A1-A35) and the even (A2-A34) on the port side. The D Deck was the place for three very large public rooms the First Class Reception Room, the First Class Dining Saloon and the Second Class Dining Saloon.
This deck was the place of the large complex of the First-Class Turkish and Swimming Baths. This site has deck-by-deck plans with computer generated images of of various compartments and rooms on the Titanic, including the engine room.
Art Braunschweiger created a beautiful rigging plan of Titanic (water-line drawing of the ship), which he is selling. Construction plans presented by Clive Palmer show new Titanic 2 ship will be 3 inches longer than Titanic. One of the most significant changes is related with the propulsion of the New Titanic 2 ship.
In order to make the new Titanic 2 ship more stable and safer several constructions improvements will take place.
First, Titanic 2 hull will be welded not riveted and respectively more immune to dangers at sea. Due to 21st century safety standards the new Titanic 2 ship is to have a new “safety deck” added. Raising the superstructure of the New Titanic 2 ship means her bridge will be higher as well as her total height. Clive Palmer’s interview also reveals more details and summarizes differences between the RMS Titanic and the new Titanic 2 ship. Australian born billionaire Clive Palmer has announced at a unveiling in New York that his flagship cruise company Blue Star Line will begin working on the ship in March 2014 to be completed by 2016, 104 years after the original voyage, and the ship will set sail from Southampton to New York within the same year. Whereas the original was built by the famous Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, in a sign of how times have changed the Titanic II will be constructed by state-owned Chinese company CSC Jinling Shipyard.

The ship is being designed to be as similar, both internally and externally as the original Titanic ship, but obviously modern safety regulations and economic considerations will now have to be taken into consideration. As with the original ship, there will be First, Second and Third Class cabins and passengers will not be allowed to mingle – apart from on the safety deck, where there will be a casino and theatre. Palmer also has said that he is very pleased to have had over 40,000 people express an interest on the internet alone which shows that there is a market out there for people wanting to re-live this magical experience and spend time on-board a ship of this grandeur and class. Use the form below to delete this Deck RMS TITANIC Photo 5702422 Fanpop image from our index.
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Use the form below to delete this 2012 361 ? 512 Titanic II To Have ‘safety Deck Australian Tycoon image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Unusual Boxes Titanic Deck Plan Discovery Channel 213712jpg image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Harland And Wolff Titanic Deck Plans Hip Hop Leaked Early image from our index. Also here were the First- and Second-Class pantries and galleys, Second-Class Cabins and then Third-Class areas at the far astern end of the ship. Now only exhibitions of different Titanic objects might be seen in museums such as Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and the SeaCity Museum in Southampton. The blueprints were supplied by the original ship’s builder and Cameron tried to make the ship as detailed and accurate as possible. I think these plans are a bit more intricate than the plans my husband used for his paper Titanic!
Instead of the Edwardian steam engines, turbine and boilers, Titanic 2 ship will have diesel-electric propulsion system with three azimuth thrusters powered by 4 generating sets.
Ocean liners’ sheer was only decorative and was constructed to give a more graceful look to the ship.

It will be placed between decks C and D and will accommodate evacuation system and new, modern, orange lifeboats. A 1,3 m raise in Titanic 2 superstructure will provide the space for the higher central section of the “Safety deck”. The dream could soon become a reality as there are plans for an ocean liner called the Titanic II to be built and ready to set sail for passengers to travel on in 2016.
The design teams are using the original Titanic drawings to help re-create an authentic look and feel to the ship. There are also plans for a swimming pool and Moorish-influenced Turkish baths again in the same design as the original ship, and the world famous grand staircase along with glass chandeliers will also be on-board for guests to admire. Titanic total weight was 52,310 tons ( 46,328 gross register tons and with a draught of 10.54m).
Because of its height, the Boat Deck was the place for the Wheelhouse and the Navigating Bridge – the main control center for the ship.
The B Deck was the place for the extensive First and Second Class Promenades, the Second Class Smoking area and the the Third-Class Poop Deck. On the inside covers (front and back) are the plans for the Titanic with the changes from Olympic. They used copies of the Olympic plans to build Titanic and made changes on those plans as they made improvements to the Titanic over the Olympic. To keep the spirit of the Edwardian era however, no TV sets and Wi-Fi will be available on board of the Titanic 2.
Plans show a layout broadly similar to the original, but with the third-class cabins modernised, and consideration being given to en-suite cabins throughout the ship. I have been searching all period material and trying to create a Titanic blueprint as it was when it left Southampton. Also the room freed up by eliminating the steam boilers of the original ship will be used for crew quarters and various services. I don’t know how accurate it will be, but when I am finished it should be closer than the Olympic plans. I do not know if I would go that far, but it is the first Titanic book on my shelf that I always reach for.

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