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If you'd like to see more photos and read from Jenny who designed and built this bed step by step construction notes, please visit Jenny at Birds and Soap.
NOTE: You may wish to attach roof to frame before attaching to bed depending on your room ceiling height.
This stunning set of bedroom for the children's room is the perfect solution when you do not have too much space. Whistler Low Twin Loft Bed in Solid New Zealand Pine $270.00 cute for a little girls room one day!
Tongue-and-groove paneling in pale gray give this children's bunk room a sophisticated look that will wear well as its occupants grow. I really am loving the idea of having the bed up high and making use of the space below it.

It is 2” wider than the overall width of the bed, and three inches taller than the roof frame. The four frame pieces that attached to the front edge of the bed proved to be a challenge; because of the small clearance under the roof, I couldn’t get my drill in a good position to use pocketholes, but instead, I secured it with screws driven in at several angles. The pergola consists of 4 brackets installed along the lower bunk of the front panel with bracing in between. The bottom part of this pink bunk bed works as a reading space and a place for overnight guests to sleep. You will need 4”between the horizontal pieces and the bottom angled piece to fit over the bed frame. The designs, shapes, colours and sizes of these loft beds for children vary, but they are all pretty, as you can see.

Shorter pieces (14 ?”) will fill in the space over the windows and longer pieces (33 ?”) will fit over the lower bunk opening. I know you’re thinking I’m a crazy mom for putting a sharp metal roof on my kids’ bed, but I did take extra precaution.

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