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They were interested in our knotty ponderosa pine paneling with stain + 2 coat UV finish and I sent them a set of samples with the standard set of colors.
The milled wood is just as sound as regular pine wood but with grey and blue streaks running through the amber pine sap wood creating a completely unique look and feel. The distinctive blue-gray swirling colors are the result of a stain fungus that travels into the tree when pine beetles bore into the bark.
And of course it is the larger diameter Ponderosa and Lodgepole pine trees that the beetles prefer.
The colors and effect of that GrandDaddy Blue Pine's blue gray tones creates an authentic antique feel to the place.
He had already found the perfect tree and the paneling's natural blue stain matched the tree exactly. The Design - it started out as a horse barn with a 2 bedroom apartment built on the 2nd floor.
The Home Owner had originally decided to go with sheet rock on the interior but after doing the research online decided on wood paneling.

People always say it like that means some less expensive lower grade of wood is fine because they are going to be painting the wood. When spotting yen article of furniture blotches of darker stain can happen in areas of the wood. When staining wood, most wood stain pigments are more easily absorbed into the soft grain area that lies between the darker stripes of the untreated wood grain. Available ready to use or as 1: 9 concentrate - I litre of concentrate + 9 litres of water = 10 litres of ready to use stain. He had been given several cedar samples by a local lumber yard and one sample stood out from the rest under stain. I hear that a lot these days however some people are getting creative to achieve their Custom Wood Home dreams on the budget that is left.
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Liquid & Gel Stains Languish is a loose coloured soft wood with a medium texture and closed grain.

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