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If you need storage bad in your home, but have the tinest of budgets, this plan is for you. Vern's Wood Goods has designed an elegant bookcase, which is rock solid, simple to build, and economical using materials that are available from most home centers. I've come to the conclusion that the best way to build a bookcase is probably not to buy a plan at all. What eventually came from this exploration was a surprisingly simple set of plans —not so much the type of instructions that tell you exactly how long to cut this or that board, but instructions that first show you the construction really works.
My Thoughts about Building a Bookcase I can't think of a better first-time woodworking project than a simple bookcase.
I know it seems like there's a lot of wood to pick from at a place like Home Depot or Lowes. Even with all the benefits of plywood, there’s still something I like about using solid wood lumber. Wood will always hold some amount of moisture, regardless of how wet or dry the weather is. My EZ bookcase plans shows you all the basics that go into building a bookcase - from choosing the right style of joinery to finding the best shelf length to avoid sagging shelves. I've also included instructions for building a few simple shop tools that will make cutting lumber easy and accurate.
There are plenty of choices on the Web for a nice bookcase design - but I'm really more interested in bookcase plans for the average DIY builder. Sometimes all that takes is a small strip of wood to hold a bookcase shelf up (that's called a cleat) or for the more adventuresome woodworkers, perhaps a dado and groove joint. Either way, my EZ Bookcase Planner lays out all the choices for you - the best kinds of joinery to use, the best kind of hardware, the best size of shelf for your custom bookcase design. I've always enjoyed showing people how to build a bookshelf - it's a perfect starter project for anyone just getting into building furniture for around the house. Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect bookshelf is - and that's simply a matter of taste from one person to the next. After looking at a lot of different bookshelf plans on the Web, I've decided that a better approach to the project is to let people design a bookcase that fits their own style and space. Building a bookshelf may be one of the most satisfying projects a first-time DIY builder can take on.
The most basic shelf is little more than a simple board held in place at both ends by hardware - or held in place by resting on another board for support.
If you've ever owned a cheap set of bookshelves, you've probably noticed that over time that a shelf will start to sag in the middle.
Designing fine furniture may be out of reach for most DIY builders - but a simple custom bookcase is the perfect project to try your hand at woodworking. My EZ bookcase planner can help you brush up on the basics of bookcase construction - showing you up close how the shelf joinery works - as well as giving you several options for different joinery options.
27-page PDF ebook includes easy, step-by-step plans for designing a simple bookcase with 1x12 lumber.
I can always use another bookcase or bookshelf somewhere in the house, even if it ends up in my basement filled with tools.
If you've ever bought a cheap bookcase made of particle board, then you don't need me to tell you solid wood is a better choice.
There are many things that you should take into account when building a bookshelf, taking into account the large variety of design options to choose from.

Select the wood with great care, making sure all the components are perfectly straight and in a very good visual condition. One of the last steps of the project is to attach the trims to the front face of the bookshelf. Smart Tip: Apply several coats of stain or paint to the wooden components, if you want to protect them from decay and to enhance the look of the simple bookcase. Thank you for reading our project about simple bookshelf plans and we recommend you to check out the rest of the projects. An attractive simple bookcase plans will simply enhance the glory any area of the residence. A total bookcase arrange consists of a listing from the necessary resources numerous patterns for curved items and lower simplicity measured diagrams pictures of diverse desirable bookcases a brochure of in detail pointers. With all the aid of those directions and simple bookcase plans ideas you’ll be able to style and style a good top quality bookcase that may stay in your home for greater than one hundred many years. Or I could be more practical and just be aware of what my solid wood projects will have to endure over the next few years, and maybe use a few construction techniques that will help keep the damage under control. Aside from the moisture problems I talked about, solid wood is full of natural inconsistencies from one board to the next--thickness, grain, density, knots, twists, bends, warps--all unpredictable features in wood that I have to account for differently with each board I pull from the rack.
But I do understand and appreciate the quirky nature of wood, which helps me do a better job of planning and building projects.
I’m sure plenty of people have built their bookcases the same day they brought home the wood. I wouldn't normally suggest that everyone can design and build their own furniture projects - building furniture can get complicated (and expensive) if you don't have a lot of woodworking experience. I've built a variety of simple bookshelves and bookcases using only a circular saw and a power drill. Of course, this means people will need a basic understanding of how all the pieces go together - and be comfortable with using a few basic tools to cut the wood to size. The simplest shelf design follows the later idea - the shelves simply rest on some type of support. I'm not sure that rabbets and dadoes do any better job of holding up books than a simple book shelf made with cleats - but they do make your bookshelf project more of a fine woodworking piece - something you might be proud to hand down to future generations. If you want to build beautiful storage shelves for your home but you haven’t found a simple but sturdy design, we recommend you to pay attention to the instructions shown in this article. If you have worked with wood before, building this project shouldn’t be a big challenge for your skills, but we still recommend you to work with attention and to plan every aspect of the project from the very beginning. Therefore, we recommend you to cut the 1×2 trims at the right size and to lock them into place with finishing nails and glue. If you browse the internet you’ll locate a large collection of wooden grades wood species and plywood constructions. I know that this is a sight for woman to get their woodworking on, but my husband and 12 year old son are learning to build this year together, and I am certain he will enjoy looking through your site as well! But the best part about building a bookcase is that it teaches you how to build just about anything from wood.
Sure, the problems that come with solid wood construction are painfully obvious in 100-year furniture - wobbly legs, loose joints, open gaps between boards. That’s the more realistic approach, and one that woodworkers have been using for hundreds of years, long before plywood ever came around. So, when I decide to use solid wood boards instead of plywood, here’s what I stop to think about before I get started.

What's more, the skills you'll pick up getting through your first bookcase plans project will come in handy for just about any wood projects you might want to tackle in the future. You'll also appreciate that most bookcase plans gives you a variety of options in how you bring the boards together - from the most simple joinery using cleats and shelf supports - to custom building the shelves with dado and groove joinery.
Adjust the design and the size of the components if you to build a nice bookshelf that matches the style of your furniture and fits within your budget. Whether or not you are a skilled or an amateur carpenter bookcase plans will certainly help you a fantastic offer. It’s not necessary to have glorious woodworking expertise to finish this type of a woodworking project around the contrary it may be a great starter project for someone.
Ultimately it’s going to turn out to be difficult to suit your has to pick out the perfect wood to induce a bookcase program. Not to mention that most plans were either to complex, or they required lots of expensive shop tools that I didn't have.
It's the perfect project for learning the basics of wood construction - without having to invest a lot of money in tools and materials.
Although someday you might want to build a nicer version of a bookshef, using hardwoods and perhaps some more sophisticated joinery - for now, a few boards of inexpensive pine will give you a very nice and functional bookcase or bookshelf without putting a lot of time or trouble into the project. I've covered all the most common construction techniques that woodworkers use - with an inside look at the top three joinery styles that you'll find in bookcases and bookshelves today. Of course, much of this depends on the type of wood you are using and the thickness of the board itself - as well as the length (or span) of the shelf. But plywood is regarded as to get a pleasant piece of wooden for bookcase shelves because it has no warping difficulties. The real culprit for solid wood construction is humidity…or rather, changes in humidity. Ideally you want the moisture content in wood to be around 10-12 percent before you start cutting and gluing boards together.
I'm not a big fan of bookshelf pins, mostly because I've never found a need to adjust my bookcase shelves after I've loaded them with books.
Fortunately some furniture designers have tested the limits for us - and have laid out some handy rule-of-thumb guidelines for just how long of a shelf we should build for a given type of wood and thickness.
Problem is that most wood you pull off the rack at a home center is going to be at about 20 percent.
The simple set of templates and how-to guides show you what's needed in a basic bookcase design, but with enough flexibility that you can make the bookcase any size or style you like. Once I got the hang of using the tools, I was a little more comfortable buying more expensive wood and materials, like cherry or maple hardwoods. So in a perfect world, you would let the wood dry for a couple weeks in your garage or basement to get the moisture content down. For now, we'll just concentrate on getting some inexpensive wood from a home center and figure out how to make the pieces come together.

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