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Because the task is joining one long, narrow strip of end grain to another, a single slot or open mortise-and-tenon joint wouldn't do. If the case is built of veneer, or plywood, these techniques usually will not work, since plywood has no single grain orientation; notches or holes cut into the edge of a piece of plywood will have no strength. The box joint shown here is very simple to cut, and though it can easily be pulled apart while dry, the large amount of side-grain surface makes it very strong when glued together.

Shaped like tiny dove's tails, these little wings of wood act to wedge themselves into their slots. Instead, plate or "biscuit" joinery (described in the Joinery: Frame section) is especially effective in joining plywood panels, and represents one of the handful of worthwhile recent innovations in woodworking.
It is distinguished from frame joinery in that the properties of wood call for different techniques when joining panels than when joining sticks..

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