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Since he graduated in 2002, Thomas has been has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fine Woodworking Magazine and The Boston Globe.
Paul and Tommy used multiple coats of spar varnish, hitting the station with 220 sand paper in between coats.
We’re hard at work planning an awesome new season of Rough Cut for you and we want to hear from our fans! In episode 09 of Rough Cut Season 4, Tommy builds one of his all-time favorite projects: a baseball bat bed.
Once ready to be shaped into a bat, the billet is loaded into a CNC lathe that cuts the the billet according to the programmed specifications.
When Tommy takes on a frame and panel bookstand project in Rough Cut Episode 7, his plan involves adding some intricate marquetry details to the piece.
It is to Miya Shoji that Tommy travels in Episode 6 of Rough Cut for inspiration on his Rice Paper Divider project. The paper itself can vary in type, with different materials offering greater or lesser light transference. In Episode 4 of Rough Cut, Season 4, Tommy endeavors to build a glass desk lamp, which features triple-mitered corners and beautiful glass panels crafted by glassblower Neils Crosman. This season, Crosman meets up with Tommy at a Cambridge glass-blowing school to teach Tommy a little bit about the art of fusing glass.
In the Pine Chest episode of Rough Cut, Tommy builds a 17th century-inspired pine chest with accent nails farmed from Tremont Nail, a nail manufacturer based out of Mansfield, MA. What’s more, many of the 60-odd nail machines you see are over 125 years old, meaning the technique of nail cutting demonstrated in the episode date back a century and a half.
Tremont’s cut nails are widely used for restoration projects, but woodworkers can find a use for cut nails to lend an historical or authentic feel to a project, just as Tommy does with the pine chest. If you decide to go with cut nails for your next woodworking project, be sure to line up the long side of the nail with the wood grain or you’ll run the risk of splitting the wood. The much-anticipated fourth season of Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac is upon us!

In Episode 08 of Rough Cut, Tommy heads west to San Francisco for a quick tour of Smith & Fong, makers of Plyboo, a sustainably manufactured bamboo plywood. After the tour, Tommy¬† heads back to the shop and uses bamboo plywood to construct a sturdy and stylish vanity (with the help of Rough Cut regular Al D’Attanasio). In the highly-anticipated Episode 06 of this season’s Rough Cut, Tommy tackles a steam bent lounge project. Furniture maker Michael Fortune pushes the limits of steam bending in this video extra on Popular Woodworking, in which he steam bends the wood one way and then repeats the process to bend it in the opposite direction.
In Episode 3 of this season’s Rough Cut, Tommy takes a road trip to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to visit the studio of glassblower Niels Cosman.
The artistic and physical demands of glass blowing were not lost on Tommy, who does little to hide his fascination with the process. In Episode 2 Tommy once again finds himself out in California, this time in Alto Loma, where he stops in at the home of the late, great Samuel Maloof, one of the best-known chair makers in woodworking. Tommy and Steve Brown show off the completed Dressing Mirror.Season Two of Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac is HERE! Tommy: One of the hardest steps will be figuring out how to make the shim to match the saw curve and making all those consecutive cuts. Fresh off a Telly Award and an Emmy Nomination, it’s all Tommy can do not to reveal too much, but viewers will be excited to see Tommy start to extend his Field Trips on the show outside the New England area and to take on some contemporary woodworking projects in some of the episodes.
Baker and wife Andrea share an interest in woodworking; she plans to hone her own skills now that she has earned her nursing degree. Frank Byers over at Woodcraft just reported that the two USS Constitution pens, which come with an engraved box and a letter of authenticity, sold for $1000 each at the recent Boy Scout Allohak Council’s silent auction and fundraising dinner in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Paul was particular about using soft close glides, since the Prep Station was going to be on a patio filled with customers and quiet operation was crucial.
RISD Museum, Providence, RI.Episode 5 of Rough Cut takes Tommy on a time travel back to the 1700s as he stops in at the Pendleton House at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to explore the federal embellishments found on the pieces within. Together they cut glass diamonds from three sheets of blue-colored glass and lay out the diamonds to form the cube-like design you see in the final piece.

Their steel cut furniture nails run the gamut from box nails and brad standards to fine cut headless brads and decorative wrought head black oxide finish nails. Tom and his wife Andrea will travel to Canton, Massachusetts in July to spend a day on set as WGBH films the second season of Rough Cut – Woodworking With Tommy Mac.
The pieces were leftover USS Constitution live oak given to Tommy on the Flag Box episode of Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac. Nice to know Tommy and Rough Cut were able to make some small contribution to the Boy Scouts of America. Possessing impressive durability, cut nails force the wood fibers downwards, wedging them against the nail, making it harder to pull them out and reducing the likelihood of loosening. It can be grown without fertilizers and pesticides and can be harvested by hand, without the use of heavy, destructive machinery. It’s a wise idea to go with the minimum size hole for the bird you want to attract, to keep out larger and more aggressive non-native birds. He’s been in furniture making for 25 years and has tremendous skills with the hand tools. I was in line to talk the red carpet and, when I finally get to the front of the line, that guy Jack [Hanna] with all the animals comes in with a porcupine, a four-foot alligator and an owl that swooped over my head. When the wood is selected from a tree, it gets cut into billets, or cylindrical lengths of wood. We’re thrilled that Rough Cut could give him a venue to shine some light on his school. Axis only uses mature, split-wood billets for their bats as opposed to cut wood, to reduce bat breakage and eliminate grain deficiencies.

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