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Destruction to joists can be caused by wood rotting or even a bug infestation and can be costly to fix. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can give me an opinion with pictures I took of a wood part under of a property's side exterior door.
The most important thing, is to eliminate the issue that is causing the water to damage the wood. Wood rot destroys about 20 billion board feet of timber each year -- far more than the annual amount destroyed by fire damage.
Repairing wood damage in crawl spaces caused by rot, mold, and termites can seem like an overwhelming and expensive project.
At Ridgeback Basement Systems, we specialize in repairing crawl space issues of all types, including moldy or damaged wood. Many homeowners and contractors make the mistake of repairing the damaged wood and calling the problem solved.
Removing Water Sources: All plumbing issues and groundwater leaking must be addressed, or your replacement wood will rot. In the case of structural wood, the entire piece -- not just the damaged portion -- will need to be replaced or reinforced. Surface mold is able only to consume the sugars and starches in the wood, which does not influence the strength of the wood. Wood rot is able to consume sugars and starches as well, but it's also able to convert the structural polymers in wood fibers to food, which weakens the wood's strength. Crawl space jack posts do more than just reinforce your rotting crawl space beams and posts -- they can also be used over time to attempt to restore your floor to its original, level position. Often, it's not necessary to replace the wood -- even when the crawl space frame shows mold damage. If your structural support beams are rotted, a sister beam of new wood may be installed along the old one to add structural strength.
Crawl space supports are appropriate to repair crawl space support posts that are rotting, as well as supports that are sagging due to poor supporting soils.

Plywood isn't all that weather hardy, solid wood would be better - maybe even some of the PVC trim boards as they won't ever rot. Regardless of the way your basement gets wet, whether through a bursting pipe, a leaking water heater, a bursting washing machine hose, or one of any other home plumbing leaks, water from any major leak in the house is going to flow downhill into the basement.
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It is easy to get caught up in the wood floors, and newly renovated bathroom, but there are more serious items that need to be addressed before buying a house.
If it appears to sag at the ends or bow in the middle it is possible that the house’s load bearing walls have shifted. You can check the joists of a house through a dropped ceiling panel (unless already visible) by poking the wood with a tool like a screwdriver. Spotting a house with structural problems before you buy will save you a lot of time and money.
Trying to patch or cover the damaged wood will never be as good of a solution as just replacing the wood.
If the conditions for mold to regrow exist (moisture, warmth, and a food source), mold will simply resume growing on your new wood over time. Drywall, wood, carpeting, photo albums, clothing, holiday ornaments, leather, paint, documents, books, and anything with organic material will eventually grow mold and take damage in a humid environment. And because of the "stack effect", the air in your home moves upwards and leaves the house through the roof, basement and crawl space air- with its mold spores, dust mite waste, smells, and everything else- is being pulled up from the basement all the time.
While this sounds like a great idea at first, moisture will also collect under wood sub floors, causing them to also rot, grow mold, and smell.
Mold will begin to grow on these materials in 24-48 hours, so it won't take long before you're living with an unhealthy, smelly space. If you do find that the joists have a bug infestation this could signal that the house has an active infestation and the damage could be more widespread.

I'm hoping it's just a piece of the wood that needs to be replaced and not an entire joist, because I know replacing sills or whole beams will costs a few thousand at least. If I pick at it with my finger or bump it with my toe the wood is soft and can be pulled apart with a finger. A damaged basement is a significant problem and makes the house much more difficult to sell at a good value. However, if you lay carpeting, wood, or other organic materials on this floor, you can count on the moisture to be trapped underneath the floor.
Additionally, as the wood soaks up moisture, it will swell with moisture and begin to buckle underfoot. However, there is a large gap underneath each flooring tile where the wood is exposed, and they do not successfully protect your basement because of this.
To save you some potentially costly expenses in the future, it is important to thoroughly inspect a house for signs that the house is in poor condition and may have structural problems. When the house was built, contractors should have factored in the settling of a home (every house will settle). When wood is cut and processed, it loses this natural layer of protection and opens the door for mold and rot growth. To help you identify a house with structural problems, here is a list of signs you should look for before buying a house. It is possible that if a house is leaning it could have settled more than it should have naturally or it could be a sign of poor construction. Instead of looking down at the foundation, you should look to the top of a house because if it is a two story the most damage would be on the second floor first. Contact a professional contractor to further assess the safety of the house and the required repairs.

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