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Free roof trusses and wooden rafters building information for a variety of construction projects. Having roof trusses is a very beautiful and elegant manner to decorate your home in a classy manner. Comprised of the finest grades of kiln-dried, stress-rated southern yellow pine and Alpine metal connector plates, our roof trusses eliminate deviations in roof line and provide a totally custom engineered roof truss system, taking into account all necessary uniform and concentrated loads including hurricane and special wind conditions. Built for strength and durability, our roof trusses assure you and your customers optimum structural integrity. Roof trusses can be manufactured in long spans, up to 85 feet long, reducing or eliminating the need for interior bearing walls, beams, columns, or footings.
Hip and valley roof systems are much easier to build using trusses than with conventional framing.
Roof trusses can be used with a variety on-center spacing to optimize strength and lumber resources. Roof trusses allows for greater architectural design and infinite shapes and sizes including vaults, coffers and trays.

Select any of the above links to learn more about our truss design and truss manufacturing services in South Florida and the Caribbean. Your FREE 2 car Storage Truss Garage Plan will include the building details for a garage that looks like this.. Attictruss Garage Plans by Behm Design, IRC code using conventional construction, framed roof or manufactured attic-trusses. Depending upon overall building design, the connections may also be required Roof truss in a side building of Cluny Abbey, France.
Essentially a series of triangles, roof trusses are designed according to geometric principles and account for the shape of your roof and support the roofing materials. For comparison purposes two identical house plans were completely framed using two different methods – wooden roof trusses and traditional stick framing.
Engineered roof trusses took only 59.5 man hours while only requiring 4,875 board feet of lumber. Attic storage, gambrel, and attic loft truss profiles are becoming popular due to the economy of structure.

Using engineered wooden roof trusses instead of traditional stick framing saved 83 man hours and 2,335 board feet of lumber.
Engineered roof trusses enable you to close your building faster and help you maintain even the most demanding construction schedules. For a very limited time Western Garage Builders is offering our 2 Car Storage Truss Garage plan absolutely free.
Plans for you to build your own gable Fink wood roof trusses ebook shed house garage free shipping.
You could also go for laminated lumber for the trusses for extra protection against rain, snow, dust, sunlight and other environmental factors.

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