Robin Wood Bowl Making,free custom furniture plans,L Shaped Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Plans - Test Out

Having worked over a scandinavian style bowl I carved one which is inspired by North West Coast traditional styles. I would highly recommend anyone who is not familiar with the work of the native cultures of the Pacific North West taking a little time to see some of the original works of one of the worlds premier woodworking cultures.
I have been working with Eastern Woodlands style mocotaugan crook knives for a while and they too are used palm up but always drawing towards the body.

These tools work best when pushing away with a twist of the wrist and once mastered they are very fast and effective especially for texturing and finiashing the outside of a bowl. I remember seeing a stand with these at one of the first woodworking shows I demonstrated at in about 1995 but they were way out of my budget at the time. Then a couple of years ago when the dollar was very weak I contacted Gregg, he is in semi retirement but still making some tools though at that time he could not accept payment from the UK.

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