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Reliant is a Taiwanese clone label for some woodworking chain that is out of business I believe. Record Power high filtration dust extractors have been independently tested down to 0.5 microns, offering the same level of protection as a P2 respirator or dust mask and providing some of the best filtration available for this kind of extractor. Similar to an air filter, it works by using a large powerful impeller to create a high volume of airflow which pulls the dust into the machine.

And because it uses a vacuum to pull in the dust it can be used with a wide variety of reducers and hose sizes making it suitable for use with hand held power tools and benchtop machines as well as larger workshop machines. This kind of extractor relies on large volumes of air moving through the machine to pull in the dust and the finer the filtration of the bag, the more it resists airflow and reduces the power of the extractor to shift dust.

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