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Hardwood flooring is always made up of a real hardwood surface, whether it’s solid or engineered hardwood. Then again, I’m not a big fan of the fumes that come out of construction adhesive that you recommended for sticking the wood tiles to the floor either. Use the sawdust you created cutting up all your tiles to make the grout that fills the gaps between the wooden tiles, as well as to fill any tiles that develop cracks.
Most of the floor installers of this type make their own grout by mixing the sawdust with polyurethane sealers and floor finishes to make a wood pulp paste grout.

Laying the log end flooring: The easiest method is probably using a caulk gun to apply construction adhesive.
I attempted a search for information on how to install such floors and found only installation for commercial wood tiles. By a three-to-one margin, real estate agents said that a house with wood floors would sell faster than a carpeted house. Log end or end grain flooring has been used for centuries in palaces, luxury homes and high traffic areas because of its beauty and durability.

End grain is harder than long grain (horizontal grain) and that’s why it is used on professional quality chopping blocks and top quality flooring.

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