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Planer and thicknesser combination units are often used in professional and home environments, and as such there are a range of different products in order to suit individual needs. Planer-thicknessers are manufactured by a number of notable hardware companies, such as DeWalt, Wadkin, Startrite, Triton, and Scheppach, who focus on planer-thicknessers as well as other professional carpentry equipment.
Other variances in the range of planer and thicknesser combinations include alternate functions such as dust extractors, portable stands, workbench attachments, exchangeable blades, as well as more consumer based add-ons such as warranties, to ensure the customer a working product. This top quality combined powerful planer thicknesser is ideal for the serious woodworkers workshop.

Replacing the traditional manual hand-held planers, nowadays planers are mostly sold as electrical appliances, with a thicknesser included beneath the main unit in order to maximise space and efficiency.
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us via eBay only.For return shipping pays Buyer.
There are occasions when errors or late deliveries occur which we cannot prevent but in the event of this please contact us either via Ebay or our customer services line 0845 966 6000 and we will resolve the problem as quickly as possible. A general rule of thumb is that the bigger the piece of wood you will be working with, the more money you will be spending on a planer-thicknesser in order to get the correct size.

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