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A pergola is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area that allows for breeze and light sun while offering protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight. Having a Decks Plus pergola is an easy and affordable way to visually impact your outdoor space. Decks Plus offers a variety of outdoor pergola designs in varying sizes in both wood and vinyl so that you can find the one that works perfectly for you!
Decks Plus designs and sells quality storage sheds, decks, gazebos, 3 season rooms, and custom sheds in Massachusetts. Gaining more benefits from your Miami pergola addition is easy with our wide range of amenities! Today’s pergolas are well-built, solid, impressive structures that can be built from a wide range of materials.
Pergola covers, such as Sunesta Suncovers and Shade FX canopies  and Shaderight Canopies are available in versatile retractable systems offering basic sun protection up to complete rain and inclement weather protection. These flimsy polycarbonate sheets are intended for backyard gardeners, not backyard pergolas! Always keep in mind, that all polycarbonate covers out there are not intended for use as a pergola amenity. Pergolas are a  cost-effective and unique way to add character, style and function to your backyard.
Pergolas are one of our most beloved and most requested outdoor designs here in South Florida.
A pergola addition is also less lucrative than the addition of other outdoor living structures- taking less time to build and depending on the specifics, less of an investment as well. Structural Specifications: The specific design and construction of a pergola can also help block out heat and the sun’s harmful rays. Adding a pergola maximizes your usable outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture that is somewhat protected from the elements, particularly if one wall of the structure is attached to your home or an outbuilding. There is no denying the way a pergola can turn up the heat, from a design perspective, in an outdoor living space.

Pergolas add dramatic design symmetry to any outdoor living space, they also provide much-needed shade for those hot summer days. Pergola covers, such as Sunesta Suncovers are available in versatile retractable systems offering basic sun protection up to complete rain and inclement weather protection. Here is a look into an innovative way to increase shade, intimacy and privacy while enjoying your pergola. Structurally: The specific design and construction of a pergola can also help block out heat and the sun’s harmful rays.
Archadeck of Miami has added TanDeck to our portfolio of products to build your dream deck! They can be either freestanding or attached to a structure and adds sophistication, charm and architectural interest to your home. Contact Decks Plus today and get a free quote for a pergola in Westborough, Marlborough, Southborough, Newton, Framingham, Worcester, Metrowest and anywhere else in Massachusetts. A pergola can be designed as a structure that is attached to your existing home, or as a detached structure. Many systems are designed to be mounted atop an existing structure such as a pergola.  Available to cover large or small areas and with a choice of hundreds of fabrics ranging from acrylic to decorative solar screen and waterproof fabrics. Shaderight canopy and and awning shade systems deliver convenience, protection and subtle enhancement to our custom pergola designs. The ShadeRight Fixed Canopy HD  is a modular system consisting of polycarbonate panels with UV protection on two sides, anchored to our structures using stainless steel brackets. The upscale screening systems of Phantom Screens are available for use on pergolas  and deliver a seamless, convenient way to enhance privacy, shade and provide insect control in your outdoor space. In case you aren’t familiar with this gem of a structure, a pergola is an outdoor living structure with cross rafters and no walls.
How closely the upper portioned slats (purlins) are constructed will dictate how much shade. A pergola adds charm, beauty and extended function to your deck or patio space along with much-needed shade if the configuration of your outdoor space receives a lot of sun. Pergolas are a hot commodity among Miami area homeowners looking to add pizzazz and charisma to their backyard! This is made possible by using a Sunesta Shadeshide and Suncover system together on this pergola.

How closely the upper portioned slats (purlins) are constructed will dictate how much shade and sun protection the pergola will provide. Pergolas can also deliver a certain measure of shade, depending on their correlation with the sun and how they are constructed can determine how much shade value it provides. The openness  of the pergolas’ design evokes a light, airy and inviting space to relax, dine or just admire.
Also, by considering the correlation of your intended pergola placement with that of the sun and taking into account the season and time of day, Archadeck of Miami will know how to angle your rafters to gain the most benefit leaving you the option of  how much sun or shade the pergola provides by varying the size, spacing and orientation of the rafters.
Canopies and covers can be used in all types of weather and make your pergola a great place for serving food or socializing during hot summer days and while entertaining outdoors. However, looks can be deceiving; as pergolas can be built to beat the heat, in the literal sense, and offer much-needed shade. In addition to the design of the pergola itself, Archadeck of Miami offers a plethora of shade enhancing pergola amenities. Pergolas are much more than an elegant space used for outdoor dining or creating a special outdoor retreat, they bring friends and families together.
Instead, it defines an outdoor space with an overhead frame of open rafters (or joists). A pergola is often used to create a defined space for outdoor living and to compliment your home, pool,  landscape and outdoor living space with a focal point of architectural style. Though they resemble the arbor and trellis, pergolas offer much more functionality than an arbor or trellis, and are much larger.
In addition, we offer many shade and privacy amenity options which can be included in the design of your pergola.
These include shade canopies,  pergola covers and even screens. By adding a these amendments to your pergola you will get even more protection from the sun and in addition, enhanced privacy and even mosquito control! These unique structures can be designed to be freestanding, but can also be attached, or integrated, into another structure such as your home’s exterior, porch exterior or other exterior structure.

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