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Central Boiler outdoor wood burning furnace models are engineered to be the most efficient outdoor wood furnaces available while providing the best durability, low maintenance features, and an appealing fit and finish. As the leader in the industry, Central Boiler has developed the E-Classic 3200, E-Classic 2400 and the E-Classic 1400, the outdoor wood gasification furnaces that shatter virtually every preconceived notion about emissions and efficiencies of wood heating.
FusionĀ® Combustor - The wood is gasified in the primary combustion firebox and these gases enter the Fusion Combustor where super-heated air is injected and mixed with the hot gases and the secondary combustion process starts. Push Button Automatic Gas-Fired Wood Ignition - Provides an easy start and ensures you will never need to light another fire.

The E-Classic uses a three-stage combustion process to burn wood so completely that combustion efficiencies approach 100%. With the patent-pending, self-cleaning heat exchanger, the E-Classic produces extremely low emissions per Btu of heat delivered and is one of the cleanest ways to heat with wood. It can heat multiple buildings, domestic water, shops and more, and can replace multiple indoor wood stoves. Burning wood (a totally renewable resource) results in no net increase in carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas emission.

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