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NZ Wood is a major promotional and development programme to promote New Zealand forests and wood resources. Constructed largely from concrete and masonry panels, Scotland’s new parliament building dominates in its surroundings. Although oak screens frame the windows along the facade, it is not until the building is entered that the extensive use of wood, both structurally and decoratively, becomes evident.
When clients walk into our show barn, often they walk over to the large oak beams and touch them, run their hand over them, sigh, and talk about how it makes them feel.
Modern timber framing encompasses the use of a variety of materials and techniques, so if you are not looking for the traditional Oak-frame style there are still plenty of options. Oak - and to a lesser extent Larch and Douglas Fir - will shrink (between 8-10% across the width), split, bow and display surface checks and distortion as it dries out.
Oak will mellow slightly in colour over time and outside it will gradually go to a silver colour (unless UV stabilised). The different materials we use in our projects can require different finishes, for example if you wanted to paint the timber frame we would suggest having a Douglas Fir frame instead of oak as the Douglas Fir is cheaper and has a lower moisture content.
Oak in fact takes several years to get anywhere near being dry and so after a year when it is cut, it is still wet to the touch.

The debating chamber at the centre of the building presents the occupants with a masterpiece of wood engineering.
The first thing that many people comment on when they walk into the workshops is the smell of the fresh oak. They are sourced from PEFC and FSC certified suppliers meaning you can be sure that the forestry methods are responsible and the stocks sustainable. The total quantity of Oak we use as a company in one year re-grows in the forests of France within 24 hours. For each oak tree used in a project we will donate 10 oak saplings to an organised planting scheme in the UK.
It still checks and shakes but somewhat less so than oak and retains its straightness even years down the line. Green Oak has a moisture content of between 60-80% and can be stored outside for long periods (it will gradually dry out). These tendencies form a large part of the beauty and character of the timber for which timber frames are regarded and are taken in to account in the architectural detailing of an oak house, creating modern timber buildings which are perfectly able to meet and exceed our stringent modern standards of weather tightness, airtightness and insulation.
It is not a reference to the colour of the Oak, but rather to the fact that it is recently cut.

See our oak page to find out more.Structural Insulated PanelsFind out more about these strong, energy efficient, and cost effective 'building blocks' for your home. Exposing the structural elements of the roof, the architects, through the use of slender stainless steel rods and large glue-laminated oak beams, have created an elaborate system of trusses where both steel and wood combine in compression and tension.
Moreover, the use of timber in construction encourages further planting and management and increases the value of our woodlands and forests; it forms an important part of the investment in our sustainable natural resources and protection of our environment. In the majority of projects the frame is cleaned removing a microscopic layer of the oak beam revealing an uniform finish.
Oak as it dries will become harder and harder making it more resistant to damage from furniture knocks etc. One thing to be mindful of is leaving the window open in wet weather as the oak can become water marked.
One of the benefits of not applying a finish means that there isn't any ongoing maintenance giving you more time to enjoy the beauty of the oak frame.

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