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Grape vines themselves become very large plants, so make sure you have enough outdoor space to grow them before you invest your time and money. Your grapevines will grow along the two main trellis wires with just a little coaxing on your part. If your end posts begin to pull inwards with the weight of the grapes, consider embedding them in cement. In this activity, you and your child can create a vibrant Rangoli Design using just a few common supplies in your home.
Step 3: Fill in small areas of your design with the white glue, and sprinkle sand over the top. The Ann Arbor Art Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the community in the education, exhibition and exploration of the visual arts. In this activity, you and your child can tell a story by creating a Huichol Yarn Painting using a few common home supplies. Step 3: Push the yarn closely together, so there isn't any white space, you can use a bent paperclip for this instead of your fingers.

In this activity, you and your child can tell a story by creating a Paleolithic Cave Painting using a few common craft supplies. Step 1: Tear a large piece off your grocery bag or construction paper, and crumple it into a ball.
Step 4: If you choose, dilute some paint with water, add it to a spray bottle, and place your hand on your work.
Simply run a branch from the main stem of your grapevines along the main wires, using the catch wires to hold them in place.
If you just want to plant one or two grape vines, you can construct a simple arbor to trellis the vines along.
Make sure that sunlight can reach the entire grapevine, including the leaves, stems, buds, and fruit. Very generally, taller trellises are used in warmer climates, while shorter trellises make it easier to prepare the grapevines for winter. Use wire strainers (or guy wires) at both ends to increase and maintain the tension in your main wires.

Attach chain links to each end of this wire and hook the ends to either end of your trellis. As the vines grow, adjust your catch wires to keep them growing upward and exposing them to sunlight.
Put a blanket over the table to create a cave-like atmosphere, and light up your work with a flashlight.
These lighter gauge wires are called "catch wires," and can be used to keep your grapevines in place. For larger trellises, follow the directions below to secure the wires, create catch wires, and set your grape vines up to grow along the arbor.

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