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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Bend the cut walls over the gift line, you'll see the flaps of the cover meet neatly across the gift and already form the treasure chest dome effect.
This is a great innovation for the top, if I ever make another one I will try your technique!
Whether you’re playing Pirate or you just need somewhere to hide away those most treasured toys, this Makedo Treasure Chest will really come in handy. Two of my favorite things come together on September 19th — silly, random holidays and pirates.
The plan is to fill the big treasure chest with shredded paper and hide the mini treasure chests (along with some loose gold coins) inside.
Pirates dream way bigger — and we have big deals, fun crafts, and clever ideas to help you celebrate. Hey, cool but I don't have a facebook account, maybe you can make a sideshow on Instructables. This is going to come in handy as my 8 year old is planning a whole pirate b-day party with a treasure hunt around the neighborhood. To make your Toy Treasure Chest, begin by drawing the curve for the top of the chest on the small sides of your box as shown in the image.

Be careful to position yourself so if your blade slips you don't stab your arm or eye, this is a pirate party not a slasher film. Step 1: Sketch out the patternTo make your Toy Treasure Chest, begin by drawing the curve for the top of the chest on the small sides of your box as shown in the image.
Go to Account Settings --> Language, and select English (Pirate) to Talk Like a Pirate on Facebook all day. With all the empty cardboard boxes that may still be around your house post-holiday, don’t throw them out! Trim side flaps off but leave a small flap at the rear edge to be able to stick your lid onto. We used two baby wipes boxes Box net opened out Box reversed and re-glued to give a nice outer surface to paint. So we bought him a pirate themed game and decided to make a treasure chest out of the gift box.
Cut the half circle part off of the top, Then add the curved top piece Before you cut the top free from the chest.
You'll get a free piece of fish when you order like a pirate at participating Long John Silver's. I was thinking of doing a treasure hunt and making a giant chest and filling with with sand and treasure would be awesome.
Step 2: Cut and ScoreUse the Makedo Safe-saw and cut along the curved line so that the top comes off.

When we ordered a filing cabinet from Poppin, the tall box was the perfect height to make a playhouse that sat in my living room for a good four months. If you’re feeling super-crafty, you could also make a giant treasure chest from cardboard (tutorial by Fold Out Fun). Made with pretzel rods, pretzels, and candy, the ship would be a fabulous surprise for the kids on Pirate Day. I am loving the pirate banana — and not just because I'll eat anything with strawberries and chocolate chips.
It’s not hard to cut out windows and door flaps, or take inspiration from this post at Apartment Therapy which includes cushy pillows inside and easy drapes.
Construction paper brings it to life, while plastic tubing and a spray bottle make the one pump that doesn’t warrant hand sanitizer immediately after touching.
Ensure that the corrugation lines of the cardboard run along the length of the rectangle so that you can bend it into the barrel shape. Rectangle cut out and bent into a curved arch Bend the rectangle along the corrugation lines to make an arch shape.

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