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True mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla), also known as Honduran mahogany or big-leaf mahogany, has been valued for centuries for its beauty, durability and resistance to decay. As good as all this news is, it is still the working properties, beautiful color and consistent figure that have long distinguished genuine mahogany from all other woods. Stitch-and-Glue Night Heron on its maiden voyage from Crownsville Dock, on canal C-14 in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale (about a half mile from where the cruise ships dock). I Built a Chesapeake 18 back in 2010 and have been meaning to pass along the photos for some time. I bought the Passagemaker Take-Apart because of a romantic notion of building a boat and teaching myself to sail it. I built this from a CLC kit as a tender for our 30’ sloop, moored at Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle. Nested, it fits on the cabin top of our sailboat as if it was made for it (with a minor reshape of the transom top profile). The boat rows well (our preference), but for longer explorations the 2HP Honda is well suited. I completed my Shearwater Sport, which I built in Eric Shade's class at The Wooden Boat School. The Night Heron Stitch-and-Glue was the perfect size for a 10-day paddle around the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. I have been rowing and sailing my Northeaster Dory for almost two months now and I love this boat. With a lot of advice from everyone at CLC and the whole family chipping in, the boat came together wonderfully.

Thanks immensely, CLC, for such a rewarding project that will provide me with ongoing enjoyment for years to come. Ever-increasing demand put a lot of strain on the mahogany forests of its native South and Central America, leading to protections, increased cost, and decreased availability. We started our two 12-6 Kaholos in the middle of June and finished them in time for our annual family trip! Your plans and instructions for the Wood Duck Hybrid 12 were excellent and it was so much fun to build.
Well, it's now May and I STILL don't have a nice picture, though not for lack of trying. On Friday, we stopped for a long break and as the tide came in, I had to pull my Arctic Hawk above the high tide line. Great support from your team and the builders forum made it possible for a first time builder.
This was just in time for yesterday's 21 kayak and canoe flotilla down the Connecticut River. My friend Bob and I started work on the boat during the last week of July 2013 and finished this month. It's a very versatile design that rows well (although you are moving a lot of boat through the water) and sails great.
We are already planning another CLC boat build - likely a Mill Creek hybrid with outriggers and a sail. The result is that we now have true mahogany, available at a reasonable price from forests that are growing stronger every generation.

My wife's blue board and my 13-year-old niece's yellow board cruised as smooth as glass, and they both did a ton of stitching, gluing, glassing and sanding to get them ready! On the 40-minute drive from home to the marina for sea trials, 3 random strangers in traffic commented on the sweet boat in the back of my truck. The Environmental Police inspector requested CLC contact info and expressed an interest in building his own boat. I can hardly think of anything that is as rewarding as building and paddling your own little boat! After 30 years of building and repair of big boats I finally get to build what I always wanted to. It's light enough for two people to carry it a short distance up a beach -- a great plus for camp-cruisers and beachgoers.
Of course everyone commenting on the beauty of the CLC boat makes it even more enjoyable!
Plus it is beautiful and I get compliments on it wherever I go.I'm confident in its seaworthiness and will be taking it up to Maine for a weeklong cruise in August.Thanks for the great design and the very well-engineered kit! The Arctic Hawk held all my gear (food, water, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, etc.) for the three-day, two-night trip.

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