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Liberon Tint and Wax - Wood Finishes: Osmo, Liberon and more inc Varnishes and Wood Stains! Liberon Tint and Wax is very simple to use, a 2-in-1 product consisting of a dye and wax mix, ideal for decorating, enhancing and protecting interior bare wood such as furniture, doors, panelling and skirting. Liberon Foam Dye Applicators are specially designed foam brushes for the application of water based dyes and varnishes. Stockinette Roll is a large 800gm pack of very absorbent cloth roll used to apply wax polishes, water based and spirit based stains etc, also ideal for buffing up the wax. A Liming brush is used prior to liming wood, the brush is basically a small wire scrubbing brush filled with long lasting bronze bristles. Liberon Steel Wool 1kg - 0000 Ultra Fine GradeGenerally considered to be the best wire wool in the world.

This wood dye gives a fantastic depth of colour, with only one coat necessary, it is easy and simple to use. A superior blend of high quality pigments which penetrate deep into wood, provides long lasting colour and highlights the natural beauty of wood.
In addition, some dyes, also called stains, help to protect the wood from the adverse signs of aging. Liming is the process of filling the grain with a white wax, but for the grain to be properly filled, the grain should be first "opened." Sanding the wood does not open the grain, in fact it does exactly the opposite and actually fills the grain with dust and blurs the edges of the grain. They keep the wood looking vibrant and prevent cracking and warping due to exposure from the elements.
Can be applied directly onto bare wood or onto stained and sealed surfaces.

Bring out your exotic side with a dark, ebony wood dye or keep your living space bright and cheerful with a golden pine dye.No one said you had to stick with traditional shades, though.
There is a huge range of Water based stain colours, these wood dyes are equally suitable for hand, spray or dip application. Whilst Oak or Ash are the best woods for liming because they are open grain, there are many other suitable timbers you can use like Sweet Chestnut, Elm, Birch, Acacia, Iroko, Obeche, Pine, Alder and Walnut. There is a huge range of fast drying alcohol based stain colours, these wood dyes are equally suitable for hand, spray or dip application.

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