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Obeche is laser cut with protective paper backing applied to both faces to minimise burn marks and ensure the cleanest result. If you would like your engraving to be deeper than our standard settings, you will need to specify this in your job request. Step 1: Choose the material you need to laser cut, this method will work for any wood type as well as many other materials such as acrylic (which in fact normally already has a layer of tape on it).
Step 2: Cut off a piece of application tape and apply it to the surface of the wood avoiding any bubbles as much as possible. Step 3: Using a squeegee to get rid of any bubbles and securing the tape firmly against the wood. And finally a side by side comparison of the laser cut wood with the use of application tape and without, showing a clear winner. Tone of wood, grain line and density and moisture content all have an impact on the engraving tone.

Deeper engraving will be carried out through the protective backing in the same format as standard raster engraving. What normally happens when you laser cut wood is that the edges are slightly burned and have an ugly browning yellow mark along the top and burned marks on the bottom from the beam reflecting off of the honeycomb metal grid.
If bubbles are left in the tape it will no effect on getting rid of burn marks, the bubbles can actually create small fires which will make the final results worse.
Using application tape, the residue will only be present on the tape instead of on the wood.
As standard we engrave through the protective backing (applied for laser cutting) into the obeche surface. Be aware that the higher laser power and slower processing speeds required can cause more oils from the wood to be released. What you can do to avoid this is buying application tape from a local art and crafts supply store.

We use low tack application tape as it is less expensive and comes in larger rolls and so far it has worked on every material we needed to cut. This will help to greatly reduce processing time of the wood after cutting as you can avoid sanding or brushing to get rid of the burn marks. The tape does not leave any stringy residue behind so once removed it is done or ready to engrave, no need for further processing. We can go smaller (see cut width image above) but this can make your components quite fragile which might not be suitable for the application. If the wood you are using does not hold well you might want to consider medium tack or high tack.

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