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While we already browsed through some amazing living room corner decorating ideas and also a few inspirations for the bedroom, it is time to take on the kitchen challenge! Putting the small corner in the kitchen to use is a must for most homeowners who try to make the most of the limited space on offer. Using the kitchen corners smartly can free up the central space in the kitchen for other smart additions and also enhance the room aesthetically.Fabulous corner banquette in the kitchen [By Catherine Nguyen Photography]Unlike the case of the bedroom or the living room, kitchen corner solutions often tend to focus more on practicality and ergonomics rather than aesthetics alone. Of course, the ideal corner space addition for your kitchen depends both on the size of the kitchen, your existing needs and the overall design scheme.

A Classic Corner SinkIf you have a small kitchen where every inch of space matters and you wish to free up some counter space, a corner kitchen sink is the perfect choice. Obviously you can add another sink to your kitchen island if you are blessed with a larger kitchen, giving you a multitude of options. A Space-Conscious Corner RangeIf you are not fond of the corner sink, then maybe the corner range and hood is the addition that your kitchen needs to find a new lease of life. Corner range units are becoming more and more popular with each passing day, and while they do save up on precious space, you need the right hood and ventilation system to make the idea work.

You need not commit to a huge renovation here, and you also have additional storage space in the kitchen in no time.

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