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Then I took both ends, slipped them up through a hole in the large wooden circle, and tied them in a knot. I repeated this for the second pipe, but when I tied my knot, I held the wood up level and made sure that the string was the same length as the one on the first pipe. This additional wind catcher piece helps catch the breeze and make the chimes ring even more. Chica, Thank You so much for the clear and easy directions,bought my copper today,and my wood at Micheals and getting ready to make mine.
Timmy Jo, the measurements will be different for every project, depending on how many chimes you add and how large your wooden disc is. I made a similar 5 tube wind chime a week ago and found your website today… Great tutorial!

Enjoyed it so much, I’m working on my second set of chimes with different sized tubes or may even try 7 tubes.
There are also airy things, like wind chimes, or Mark tree (below) and dancy things like shakers and maracas and colorful noisy things like triangle and tambourine  (well, they are all noisy, aren’t they!). I was wanting to do something like this for my kids to bang on, but wasn’t sure how it would sound. I have to make on for a project i’m doing and this kinda helps me figure out how to do it.
I have a couple of purchased wind chimes that the string has broken or they have come undone where they were stapled to the bottom of the wooden circle. I have been asked to fix several wind chimes that have broken and I have been putting it off because I didnt know what type of string to use for outside use.
For the sail, I had some old scrap mirrored plexiglass that I shaped into a teardrop, then glued 2 pieces back to back (for mirror on both sides) In sunny wind, the mirror reflects everywhere.

I hung a set I received as a gift over my heat and air unit and whenever the fan kicks on the windchimes make thei beautiful music. My wife was asking for a wind chime for years, but I could never find one (that wasn’t ridiculously over-priced). Oh and a suggestion to those who will have theirs hung out in the weather, to keep the wood in good condition, you might either paint, stain or clear seal the wooden parts. I had to seal the wood on my store bought chime after I used wood glue to seal a crack that developed in the wood after being outside for a while.

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