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We also painted the backs of the Pax the same Misty Harbor color, repeating the process with the primer and the paint. On the side closest to the front window (the one with curtains above), we had intended to put the wardrobe flush against the wall but forgot that we had planned to install window trim (including a window sill) around the front window.
Here’s how things looked with the Pax doors installed but no baseboards or window trim around the upper window. Below is a photo of the finished built-ins with window trim around both windows and baseboards all finished.

I have been looking to build a low platform bed, and the ones in market are very costly (for e.g. At first we considered covering them with fabric or wallpaper, but we noticed it would be difficult to get the shelf backs to fit if we changed the thickness significantly, because the backs have to slide into a small grove in the shelf sides. Chris also built a little raised platform out of 1×6 wood to raise the Pax to get the baseboards to fit under the doors. The trim would have jutted so far out that it would have interfered with opening the Pax closet door.

We started with the living room, in part because we wanted some place to put the vacuum cleaner. We already had a quart of the paint because we had been trying different colors to paint our kitchen cabinets.

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